The Best Free and Paid Puzzle Games on Android

Android smartphones and tablets lend themselves very well to puzzle games. Games that do not require incredible reflexes, but rather to concentrate while allowing you to clear your mind and be sure not to see your game over in a second. 

Whether free or paid, here is our selection of the best games of the genre. A single watchword: challenge our brains to pass the time. This list is of course not exhaustive and may be updated regularly.


Published by Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind Kentucky Route Zero, Outer Wilds or Telling Lies, Gorogoa is a particularly poetic puzzle game. 

Without text and based solely on systems of boxes to be moved, it tells the story of a young boy who discovers a monster in his town. 

The game can be complex at first before taking the fold to understand the mechanisms, but is supported by graphics in a very drawing style and a particularly well-worked sound environment. Gorogoa is chargeable, at a price of 4.29 euros.


Tiny Room Stories is an escape room type game in the purest tradition of the genre. You play as a detective sent to a city for a mission without really knowing what to find there. 

You will then have to find ways to open different doors, decipher passwords and accumulate clues. The game uses a fairly simplistic graphics, with an isometric 3D view in which you will have to rotate the rooms to fully discover all the aspects of each place. 

To top it off, the game is free. Tony Room Stories is free.


At first glance, Total Party Kill might look like a 2D role-playing game from the side. If we embody three characters from fantastic universes – the knight, the mage and the ranger – the goal here is to use the abilities of each to kill the others and manage to pass the door to the next level by solving puzzles. 

The levels are not all very complicated and the game offers around sixty of them, but some may give you a hard time. The game is free.

Total Party Kill


If there is one studio that has established itself as one of the benchmarks for Android puzzle games, it is Rusty Lake. With its Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series, the studio has established itself as one of the best on Android. 

Here we highlight the latest in the Cube Escape series, but all are of the same ilk… and free. Cube Escape Paradox takes you inside a strange establishment where you used to wake up. 

You will then have to gradually discover the secrets of this place and why you ended up there. The game uses side-view 2D graphics with a heavy atmosphere.


Orixo is a puzzle game that takes the form of a grid. In fact, you must, at each level, complete an entire grid in which you have only one indication: the numbers on certain boxes. 

You just have to drag them in the right direction and the right order, so that they automatically fill the first free squares in the direction indicated. 

The game offers a pleasant atmosphere that allows you to think calmly, as well as a very good difficulty curve. It is also free.


After digging into the brains of a good number of players on Nintendo’s portable consoles, the “Professor Layton” license returns this time to our smartphones. Professor Hershel Layton has given way to his daughter,

Katrielle, but the principle remains roughly the same, namely to solve a succession of puzzles. Will you be up to it? To find out, however, you will have to get your hands on the wallet and pay nearly 18 euros.


What would you do if you found a phone on the floor? Well, some wouldn’t ask too many questions, would reset it and resell it… But you, you are not one of those people and you prefer to check if you can contact the owner. 

But still it would be necessary for that that the owner is not reported missing. Delve into Laura’s phone and private life, discover her life, her love stories, her troubles at work and try to find out what happened to her.


Do you want to see life in yellow? Yellow is for you, but be careful not to turn red with rage if you fail to pass one of the levels. In each of them, the goal is simple: to make the screen completely yellow. 

However, the way to get there is different each time, and you may sometimes think for a long time before passing one of the 50 levels available.


You certainly know 2048, the event game that exploded a few years ago. But do you know Threes! , the game that inspired it? The goal is to slide numbered tiles in order to merge those that are identical and form the largest multiple of 3 possible. 

Small bonus point for the ultra-cute coating of the tiles and the catchy soundtrack. Also, Threes! is available in a free (supported by advertising) or paid version.


Is there a less timeless puzzle game than Sudoku? In all bookstores, you will still find many dedicated magazines to pass the time, but why waste paper when you have your smartphone on you? 

There are a very large number of Sudoku applications on the Google Play Store, more or less good. It was therefore necessary to make a choice and our preference fell on Sudoku from Brainium Studios, offering a clear and pleasant interface, and different levels of difficulty.


Developed by Square Enix, Lara Croft GO takes up the universe of the Tomb Raider saga and immerses the player in the skin of the iconic adventurer without fear and without reproach. 

Like Hitman GO, its predecessor, the title is presented as a turn-based board game where the character moves one square after another trying to avoid enemies and obstacles that stand in his way. path. 

Between the many levels (more than a hundred) and the many secrets to discover, Lara Croft GO will keep you spellbound for many hours.

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