Clash Royale double elixir challenge: the best decks to succeed

The Double Elixir Challenge is a Clash Royale event that lasts for a week, then disappears from the tournaments tab. 

With this challenge, as with other events of its kind, different rewards are earned until reaching a final after a specific number of victories. 

In this case, after six victories we will get a chest of gold coins to spend in the game.

Los eventos de Clash Royale son una forma de añadir interés al juego creando circunstancias con mecánicas especiales.

No obstante y, precisamente por las mecánicas especiales, se hace casi obligatorio el uso de mazos específicos para afrontar las nuevas reglas del juego. En este artículo vamos a darte unas cuantas ideas para construir esos mazos.

New Goal

New Goal

According to what is published on eSports websites, this deck is one of the most advanced among Clash Royale professionals in the double elixir challenge. Never, ever put the Golem as the first attack card, always put a unit first that is useful for paving the way (in this case the Golden Knight is important), which can benefit from some air support with the Baby Dragon or the Mega Minion.

The Strongman will be essential to distract attacks towards our towers. Spells, meanwhile, are especially important in this deck. It is important that you know how to place the tornado well and that you know how to reserve enough elixir to use the lightning.

triple witch

It is not an easy deck to use, but it is another very strong trend among the pros for the double elixir challenge and it is also an impossible combination that can only be exploited in this event : combine the three witches in attack, plus the spell of doubling them, plus the mirror, plus the elite barbarians, offers such a high amount of damage that it’s ridiculous if done right.

This deck offers few possibilities for defense : if you are going to use it, keep in mind that you must be on the attack from the zero minute. The closest thing to a defensive unit are elite barbarians, but you won’t be able to spam them every time. Then don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Two variants with the lava hound

Two variants with the lava hound

The two variants that we present in this section are explosive with the double elixir . In one of them we have the power that the lumberjack offers when he releases the fury drop. In addition, we have a duplicate spell that, when paired with the hound, always gives good results. And the fireball as area damage against troops and defensive units.

In the second variant, we still have the Flying Machine as a support for the Lava Hound, the Miner as a quick way to deal damage, and the Big Miner as a way to control damage. The Hell Dragon and Mega Minion are essential for air support as well as defense. Both decks are worth giving a try.

Noble Giant and Skeleton King

Noble Giant and Skeleton King

The noble giant, used well, can do a lot of damage. Imagine all that it can give of itself considering the double elixir. Join him with the Skeleton King and his troop of resurrected minions and ensure an unstoppable counterattack as soon as the opponent falters .

It may be one of the decks with the most defensive potential , perfect for creating a lock on your own field that is difficult to break through.

Spamero electric gian

Spamero electric gian

This is a deck with a lot of potential to spam . The two witches are always a plus, while the combination of the tornado and the baby dragon always works well. Electric Giant and Earthquake, with Double Elixir activated, can work as a devastating duo.

This deck has good offensive and defensive potential , quite well balanced. For those who like a less risky style of play (at the end of the day, it’s all about ending up with more standing towers than your opponent) is a good option.

Start goal

If we started this review with a deck where the golem wasn’t supposed to launch an attack, here we have the opposite case . It is an original deck, with a lot of area damage thanks to the skeleton dragons and the bomber skeleton and two siege spells such as lightning and lightning.

Keep in mind that the prince is another great attack unit , and even has enough hit points to be used in a defensive context. The bats and the night witch also serve as a complement to the defense, and it is worth trying this very original combination.

Control and spam on the bridge

Control and spam on the bridge

This deck is meant to be dropped near the bridge and not stop . It is one of the most fun decks for tournaments of this class, since it offers many options to distract the rival between the two towers, since you have cards with a low amount of elixir (the bandit, the royal ghost) and one with a medium requirement (la montacarneros) that can be spammed dozens of times in this context.

It is, fundamentally, a classic siege deck. The idea is to mislead the rival so much that they are not sure what to defend first, while you take advantage of their moments of weakness to finish ahead.

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