500+ Cool Nicknames Gaming List For Guys And Girls

Looking for the right Cool Nicknames Gaming list For Guys And Girls? Many of us gamers know the problem: You start a new first-person shooter or a Battle Royal game or Diablo 3 / Path of Exile / Fortnite for the first time and you will immediately find yourself with the selection of the gamer Names faced. Learn how to create a cool and creative gamer name with this guide!

There are a lot of generators on the net that spit out numerous nicknames for you. But it is important to find the right ones and not waste a lot of time looking for good websites. We’ll do the selection for you and not only show you the best nickname generators but also give you tips to find the perfect name for you, your character or your clan.

Best Cool Nicknames List generators For Guys And Girls

cool gaming names list
cool gaming names list

Cool Nicknames Gaming For Guys And Girls – Especially in games in which you can create multiple characters, sooner or later you will run out of gamer names. But there are a few cool tools on the Internet that make naming easier for you. In the following series of images you will find six simple and, above all, free generators, which should make it easier for you to find the perfect nickname or hero name:

Are you still looking for good guild or clan names? Again, we have a selection of good generators that show you some cool suggestions.

Step by step to the right gamer nicknames

  • Step 1: Write down which games, music, films, series etc. you like.
  • Step 2: Does your favourite band have a great singer with an even better name? Or is there a character in a movie or series that you think is cool? Then write this out now.
  • Step 3: change the name. You can do this with special characters or numbers. For example, if your name is “Marco”, you could rename yourself to “m4rc0”. This is called leetspeak.
  • Step 4: take your time with the name. If it is a hero name or nickname, it will be with you for a while. Accordingly, you should carefully consider whether it is which one now. The best way to do this is to write the name on a piece of paper and hang it in a place that you see every day (refrigerator, bathroom door, etc.). Look at the name several times a day and after a week think about whether you still think it’s cool.
  • Step 5: enjoy and gamble!

Cool Gaming Nicknames List | Summary table

You are welcome to help yourself here and combine other options.

Fight cookieBloodyiNameTrickster
Small nonsenseRaGaDorPredictLessIlluyanka

Usually, a reasonable nickname does not come to mind immediately. When I created my Fortnite account, it took me over 10 minutes to find a good gamer name. This problem is also often faced for streaming platforms such as Twitch. In this counsellor, I will explain how you can generate your cool personal nickname!

While there is tons of help available online with naming pets * , it gets a little tougher for today’s gamer. Meaningless names like ” Dominator2018 ” or ” 0815-Killer ” or ” Master123 ” usually only come to mind . Especially uncool when other players have far more epic names.

Find out in this guide wor what you should pay attention to when creating the nickname and what you should definitely not do! Below I have a small onetablecreative gamer name created. If you can’t think of one yet, help yourself!

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Cool Nicknames Gaming For Guys And Girls

The most common gamer names can be divided into the following categories :

Funny Nicknames

These players express their funny personality to the outside world, and do not take themselves and their surroundings so seriously. Most of the time, they’re pretty nice game partners for your group.

The soap dispenserMrBigBoned

There are no limits to your creativity, just think of funny sounding objects, sayings, films, series, pieces of music, sexual practices and the like. Google, for example, for funny quotes from your favorite Southpark characters – Cartman can give you some good ideas, for example: “Give me your Jew Gold!” Or “I’m not fat. I’m big-boned. “

Just take the funny words => Mr.JewGold or Mr.BigBoned from here. Game of Thrones* also has some cool names that can be quickly changed into epic gamer names!

You now not only have a funny name (which is funny because of its ambiguity or because of the “racist” border crossing), but also a funny little anecdote as a background story for your account name, should someone ever ask you about it. Of course, the scheme also works with other series, songs, and much more.


Banalities (soap dispensers), ambiguities (BigBoned), and border crossings (with minorities, gender roles, insults, sexual practices, …) are your greatest friends for comedy.

“Bad” & “Dangerous” nicknames

Players who like to walk the dark path in the game alone prefer such nicks. You can often find them in Battle Royal games like Fortnite / PubG / CSS: GO. An attempt to deter the enemy.

The DevilBloodylink

An easy way to make a name that sounds dangerous is to include negative connotations in your name.

Use negative adjectives that express something bad , such as ” bloody “, ” damned “, ” hellish “, … and combine them with your actual name idea. As with BloodyLink, this can allude to one of your favorite characters, in this case Link from Zelda.

It is even better if you choose something that embodies something negative by itself :Darth Vader as a film character, for example, already embodies evil, Kratos from God of War * already embodies a brutal warrior, similar situation is with mythical figures such as Ares, Thor, Chinese, … While it may be difficult in the world known deities named you may find an equivalent in an almost forgotten world of gods.

Ah puchXolotl
Enki / NjördNammu

You can google for gods in general, or you look specifically for gods that have certain properties in specific mythologies.

Other good player names can be created by looking at current games & new releases such as   Red Dead Redemption or Super Smash Brothers . Captain Falcon gives a lot of scope for creative possibilities, such as Captain Hindsight! The nickname ToadOnShrooms can also be formed from Toad, the popular mushroom !

Cryptic characters gamer Nicknames

A great sign of lack of creativity. Some don’t want to lose any time either and cut out a sequence of characters and numbers. It’s a shame if you can’t think of the Nicknames in the middle of a raid or battle in Teamspeak or Discord.

Examples: H12Pro, ARK15NowIIU

Cute gamer Nicknames

Also widespread among men! Cute animal Nicknames are often the norm here. An opponent can be distracted from your true skill. Animals can also provide you with new ideas, such as the desert fox – SleepyFoxy

Papa SmurfBuberle30

Gamer Nicknames related to ancient deities

The Greeks had a multitude of gods. It also seems a bit sublime when you can associate such a Nicknames with your own personality. Plus you have a little story to tell.
Examples: Zeus-Dude, AphroditesDream

Tip: You can also get other ideas from NPC players.

Use your name as a gamer name

If you don’t have a name yourself, feel free to use your real name and maybe heed some of the previous ideas. For example, associates it with numbers or funny / negative / happy connotations.


The best for last: work with well-sounding syllables!

Now an insider tip that you can use to create really unique Nicknames. Try to form a name from 2-4 syllables with 2-4 letters each.

Young manDeDeDe

The trick is very simple: come up with a short, freely invented word made up of a few letters, which in the simplest case should end in a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). Ta, Na, Cro, Kau, Mo, … are just a few examples. Of course, consonants like Bron or Sim or Kan also work.

Then simply combine this first syllable with other, equally created syllables that follow the first syllable melodically. Ta-To, Na-Na-Nu, Cro-Flo (if they end identically it is all the easier), TronKan … There are no limits to

your freedom, and you can use upper and lower case to increase the effectiveness and use steer the desired direction. You can be sure that in this way you will create an absolutely unique Nicknames for yourself. In my opinion, especially three-syllable Nicknameslead to a nice result, neither too short nor too long. A video can give you, even more, input and ideas.

Examples of Cool Nicknames Guys And Girls You Can Use


  1. Antonia
  2. Alaska
  3. Arrierty
  4. AKA
  5. Asolole
  6. Asgard
  7. Asgardian
  8. Abaddon
  9. Abyss
  10. Abyssal
  11. Aghony
  12. Acne
  13. Apolo
  14. Atia
  15. Alucard
  16. Alter
  17. Aleister
  18. Antutu
  19. Airi
  20. Arthur
  21. Art
  22. Artisan
  23. Ambiguous
  24. Loves
  25. To stay
  26. Artery
  27. Anuku
  28. Asterix
  29. Appa
  30. Avatar
  31. Aang
  32. August
  33. Who
  34. Amerald
  35. Amer
  36. Alphonse
  37. Aloha
  38. Abs
  39. Anthelop
  40. Envelope
  41. Arsenal
  42. Arawin
  43. Anastasia
  44. Area41
  45. AraAra
  46. Amphibians


  1. Child
  2. BliBli
  3. Bungalo
  4. Bethesda
  5. Berau
  6. Baphomet
  7. Seed
  8. Btom
  9. Flower
  10. Bartholomew
  11. Beast
  12. BamBimBum
  13. It’s a bomb
  14. Basin
  15. Brutality
  16. BrutalOnly
  17. Brutal
  18. Brute
  19. Bash
  20. BadAss
  21. Bird
  22. Bread
  23. Brad
  24. Bebop
  25. BigMom
  26. BigSmoke
  27. Brascho
  28. Bitmap
  29. BlacKitten
  30. Blister
  31. Blistered Outlaw
  32. Blitz
  33. BloodEater
  34. Bonzai
  35. BoomBeachLuvr
  36. BoomBlaster
  37. Bootleg Taximan
  38. Bowie
  39. Bowler
  40. Breadmaker
  41. Broomspun
  42. Buckshot
  43. Bug Blitz
  44. Bug Fire
  45. BayMax


  1. Cinemaxxx
  2. Cinemax
  3. Clear
  4. CollaterolDamage
  5. CommandX
  6. Catacomb
  7. CumiCumi
  8. CumaCuma
  9. Creed
  10. Commando
  11. Congo Wire
  12. Cupid
  13. Concelta
  14. Cimol
  15. Charity
  16. Charlotte
  17. Crosien
  18. Crygord
  19. Cynna
  20. Cywien
  21. Cocktail
  22. Commando
  23. Congo Wire
  24. Cool Iris
  25. Cool Whip
  26. Cosmo
  27. Complex
  28. Complexity
  29. Cambodia
  30. Cambo
  31. Chamber
  32. Coco
  33. Cutter
  34. CatTail
  35. Cacabila
  36. Cringe
  37. Cop
  38. Copy
  39. Collision
  40. Cartoon
  41. Cross
  42. Girl
  43. Cid


  1. Desi
  2. Doom
  3. Dark
  4. Darker
  5. DarkerDark
  6. Dime
  7. Danilla
  8. Demon
  9. Disgust
  10. Disguisse
  11. Dameeeeee
  12. Destroy
  13. Darling Peacock
  14. Destroyer
  15. D-Gray
  16. Dragon
  17. Drag
  18. DumbDumb
  19. DarkMagician
  20. Duplicate
  21. Day Hawk
  22. Desert Haze
  23. It will last
  24. Dullahan
  25. Damage
  26. Desperado
  27. Devil Blade
  28. Devil Chick
  29. DarkKnight
  30. DarkWizard
  31. DarkKnuckle
  32. Demoniac
  33. Demolition
  34. Expensive
  35. Derp
  36. Dancing Madman
  37. Dangle
  38. DanimalDaze
  39. Dark Horse
  40. Darkside Orbit
  41. Dexter
  42. Diamond Gamer
  43. Digger
  44. Devil
  45. Devilman


  1. I’m coming
  2. Eldian
  3. Escobar
  4. Enthelope
  5. Eagle
  6. Eyes
  7. Enma
  8. Ethics
  9. Emo
  10. Emotion
  11. Eddy
  12. Easd
  13. East
  14. Eastern
  15. Elect
  16. Electro
  17. ExpectoPratonum
  18. ElectroPatronum
  19. Human
  20. Emoticon
  21. They were
  22. Easy
  23. Earl
  24. EagleEye
  25. Elder
  26. ElderWood
  27. Elder Titan
  28. Exotic
  29. ExoticAnimal
  30. Evanglelion
  31. Eckhart
  32. Eco
  33. Elric
  34. Edward
  35. Eldore
  36. Elliot
  37. Emerald
  38. Emperor
  39. Empire
  40. Earth
  41. Earthling
  42. Eartshock
  43. Earthshaker
  44. EchoSlam


  1. Final
  2. Final Fantasy
  3. Final Destination
  4. Final Fight
  5. Final Blow
  6. Feed
  7. Food
  8. Feet
  9. Future
  10. FastFurious
  11. Furious
  12. Flower
  13. Feler
  14. Fear
  15. Fury
  16. Falcon
  17. Family
  18. Famicom
  19. Feather
  20. Father
  21. Flux
  22. Felix
  23. Fowler
  24. Fantastic
  25. Fan
  26. Finest
  27. Fufu
  28. Faramir
  29. Faye
  30. Fortnite
  31. Flint
  32. Fragment
  33. Frost
  34. Frostivus
  35. FullBuster
  36. FullMoon
  37. Futsu
  38. Fu
  39. Faboulous
  40. FapFap
  41. Funk
  42. Funky
  43. FilmMaker

How do I find a cool gamer Nicknames that suits me?

  • Easy to remember: A gamer Nicknames should always be easy to remember as it reflects your identity in the online world. Names with a combination of numbers such as ShaodwKiller1505 should be avoided.
  • Unique: A gamer name should be unique. You shouldn’t copy names from other players.
  • Community guidelines: The gamer Nicknames should not violate the community guidelines of the game in which you forgive it, as this can lead to a ban.
  • Personality: Your gamer Nicknames can, for example, reflect your personality in an MMORPG. For example, my villain is called “Hinterfotzig” in WoW, which in my opinion is more than appropriate.
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