300+ Free Pokemon GO Accounts 2022

Free pokemon go accounts – Do you still remember the Pokemon anime that aired on Indonesian television a few years ago? If you remember and you are a lover of the Pokemon anime series, maybe you want to try a game adapted from the Pokemon anime.

The game is called Pokemon GO , by using the camera from your Android Smartphone, you are looking for pokemon by walking around using the camera as navigation.

Because the character stats in the account are still new. If you meet a high level pokemon you won’t be able to win and catch it. That way my friend will find it difficult to catch a Pokemon that you find when looking for it on camera.

But don’t worry, because here I will share a free pokemon go accounts with a high level, so that you can still beat high-level Pokemon easily and quickly. You can immediately grab the Pokemon GO account below.

Free Accounts On Pokemon GO 2020

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Features Of Pokemon Go

It is an interesting game which people enjoy on global level. People are also in obsession with this game as well. There was a competition amongst the children to know who had the more powerful pokemon.  Now let me tell you about the features of the game.

  • They have used augmented reality in it. This game is a perfect example of augmented reality. When you play the game, you will be able to observe that pokemons are around you in your surroundings. When you come across one, it will appear as it is in front of you.
  • It also includes physical activity. To play it, you have to goof around in your surroundings to catch the pokemon. That is why it is not like other games in which you have to play at one place. It needs the movement of your body.
  • When you earn candies and stardust, you can increase the combat power of your pokemon.

Free Pokemon GO Accounts 2022

  • Email: andreiterns0253
  • Password: 09499535568
  • Email : geodudegg12345@gmail.com
  • Password : grovyleisthebest12
  • Email : molendaadamjak@gmail.com
  • Password : molenda312x
  • Email : zakkerydecker@gmail.com
  • Password : pokemongo82
  • Email: artloui@gmail.com
  • Password: boknoy15
  • Email : vijoykhatri304@gmail.com
  • Password : askvijoy
  • Email : robinson0105@gmail.com
  • Password : drobtk29
  • Email : ranchdressing104@gmail.com
  • Password : 12345678910
  • Email : Busterjay10@gmail.com
  • Password : perez2003
  • Email: uberman5@gmail.com
  • Password: 5459423845
  • Email : upgrade54@gmail.com
  • Password : danielbrown5
  • Email: Auahsiapa@gmail.com\
  • Password: 123322213

Email : jquoegvj7@gmail.com Password : is0-fmd-fhm

Email : d5mijsw@gmail.com Password : joj-9mx-asf

Email : w058l@gmail.com Password : ius-ma2-x7d

Email : izvznppu@gmail.com Password : 82t-iru-2hg

If the account can’t be logged in, it’s possible that my friend took it too late. The alias of the account has been taken beforehand by someone else. So you can check the accounts that are still available in other articles on my blog.

Maybe that’s all for the collection of Free Pokemon GO Accounts 2022 that I shared. For those who can’t, check the Pokemon account that is still available in other articles on my blog, or can send an email address in the comments for details. That’s all from me, wassalam.

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