How To Delete A Discord Server On Android And Web

Managing a Discord server takes a lot of effort. If you can’t find the time to manage your server, you can delete it from Discord. It’s easy, and we’ll show you how to delete Discord server on desktop, web, and mobile.

When you delete a server, Discord deletes all of your shared data on the server. This server will no longer appear in your Discord lists. You must be absolutely sure before deleting your server because once you delete it you cannot restore it.

Additionally, to delete a server, you must have the Server Owner role in Discord.

How to delete a Discord server via the web

If you’re using a Discord program on your computer or website, the steps are pretty much the same. Before deleting, please leave a final message for members informing them of your willingness to delete the server so they won’t be surprised or the server is gone.

Open a web browser and go to a Discord.com website, then sign in to your account if you haven’t already. Select the server you want to remove, click with the right mouse button, and choose an option Server Settings “Server Settings”.

You will be presented with the server settings page. Scroll down and you’ll find an option Remove Server “Delete Server” from the secondary options.

A small window will appear in which you will be asked if you want to delete the server. Type the server name in the field and then click Remove Server “Delete Server”.

Completed, the server has been permanently deleted.

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How to delete a Discord server via the mobile app

There is a little difference between the steps to remove the server from the phone and the above. Of course, since we know that you cannot delete a server that is not yours, you can delete the server that you created or the server whose ownership has been transferred to you.

Open a Discord app on your phone and sign in to your account. After that, select the server you want to remove.

  • Press and hold the server icon, then select a More Options option .
  • On the next page, select an option Settings “Settings” then click on an option Three dots Located on the top face and select Delete server “Delete Server”.
  • Once you have clicked on the three dots, select a Delete Server option .
  • A window will appear to confirm the deletion. Click a Delete option .

The server has been permanently deleted and will no longer be available to members. However if you want to create a new one.

How to reset MEE6?

How do I place an order on Discord? Clicking on “Simple command” will allow you to create a command which, once used, can send the message you have defined. First, you will need to choose the name of the command: You can also give it a description.

How to apply XP to Discord with MEE6? Experience Management (XP) To do this, simply go to the ranking of your server, and click again on the “Reset XP” button. next to the “Download banner” button or click on the same “Reset XP” button but on a user.

How do I delete a discussion from Discord? Press and hold the message you want to delete. By doing this, a context menu will open. Tap Delete. Tap it to delete the message from the conversation.

Your experience increases when you write in the Discord server’s chat rooms, which allows you to level up and unlock posts. You can see all of the unlockable leaderboards in the Feature Rewards tab on the Higher Order page! levels or in room #guide and regulations.

Installer MEE6

  • Go to the official website of the MEE6 discord bot.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Discord account with administrator rights on your server.
  • Then click on “Add to Discord”
  • Choose your server.
  • A pop-up window opens.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct server.

How to configure MEE6? Click on this link: https://mee6.xyz/. Register and select a server to add. A window will open and you will only have to accept. Go to the “Plugins” tab and click on the “Moderator” category.

How to delete Discord chat (direct messages) in Discord. In fact, there is no way to delete a message in Discord if it is a “direct message”. Our solution is therefore to close the corresponding discussion panel. With this you will be able to close the panel and no one will be able to see the messages.

How to use MEE6?

How to put a bot? Once on the home page, you can click on the “Add to Discord” button and, if you are signed in to Discord, a pop-up will ask you to “allow” the bot to be on your server.

How to create a Discord bot on phone? Creating the bot To do this, simply go to the Discord Developer Portal, click New App, and give your app a name. Then go to the Bot tab and click on “Add bot” to create a bot in the app.

You just need to click on your server icon. A new window opens, asking you again if you allow MEE6 to have certain permissions. Click on “Authorize” again. Your bot is now on your server.

To choose a role, click on the “Select a role to be rewarded” option. Once the function is selected, it will appear below. This is where you’ll set what level Discord members can get it at. You can customize your server’s default level card.

You will open your Discord app, you will come to a screen that will ask you to access Rythm on your account. It then asks you which server you want to add the bot to, so you can select which Discord server you want to use. Then press continue.

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