How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone or iPad

How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone – If you have bought a new phone or tablet, there is a chance that you would like to sell the old one. iPhone’s and iPad’s are often offered and bought second hand. Before you put your iOS device up for sale, it is smart to first delete all your personal data from the device. Sensitive data can be very dangerous in the hands of an unscrupulous buyer. Imagine a stranger suddenly having access to your social media, your financial information or even your personal photos and videos!

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you have to make sure that all data is permanently erased from your iPhone or iPad. In this article, we’ll show you how to securely delete all personal and sensitive data from an iPad or iPhone.

How To Delete photos from your iPhone or iPad

How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone – Fortunately, it is very easy to completely empty your iPad or iPhone. By following the following simple steps, you are already well and your data is safe. In this guide, we’ll be using screenshots of devices using iOS 7, but on Apple devices running other versions of iOS, it’s the same way. It may just look slightly different.

Step 1: Make a backup

Before you completely erase all data from the device, you must first make a backup. This way you will not just lose all your data. This is useful if, for example, you want to save photos or quickly set up your new iOS device with your personal preferences. You will almost never see your data again without a backup.

To backup your iPhone or iPad, do the following:

  1. Connect your device to your Mac or PC.
  2. Go to “ iTunes ” and click on the icon of your device.
  3. Click on “ Overview ” in the menu at the bottom left of the settings .
  4. Select ” make eservekopie “.

You now have a backup of your iPhone or iPad data on your computer and in the cloud.

Note : If you want a backup of your WhatsApp messages, it is better to do that via the settings of WhatsApp. Then you can easily transfer your messages to a new iPhone by simply logging into your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Delete your data

Now we proceed to delete your data. To do this, you need to go back to your iOS device:

  • Open the “ Settings ” app.
  • Select “ General ” in the left column.
  • Scroll down and click on “ Reset all data and settings ”.
How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone or iPad
  • Choose the option “ Erase All Content and Settings ” on the Reset page.
  • A dialog box will appear. Click on ” Clear ” and enter your access code.
How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone or iPad

It is possible that your iPad or iPhone is temporarily delayed. This is because all data is retrieved from the device. That takes some time. Once this process is over, your device will be as fast as normal again.

Data recovery: Can I still get my data back?

In many cases, deleting your data is not enough. For example, with special software you can retrieve all erased data from many Android devices . However, this is different with Apple products.

Gone is gone

How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone – Recovering data is almost certainly not possible. You are therefore ready after deleting your data. This is because the data on an iOS device is automatically encrypted. When you then erase all data from the device, you also destroy the encryption key. This makes it somewhat impossible to retrieve data – unless you have made a backup. This is of course very good for your online privacy , but can also be a problem. When you have removed something that you actually needed, for example.

In such a case, you could always try to enlist the help of the Apple Genius Bar. Unfortunately, they too can normally not mean anything to you when it comes to erased data or a reset of your device. Of course, these experts are very good in other circumstances, such as data corruption, a device that no longer works, and so on. Because even experts can often no longer retrieve your data, we advise you to make regular backups of your device. That way you never lose everything.

Extra security: how To Fatory Reset Iphone 100% permanently?

How To Erase all Data From Your iPhone – Do you have really sensitive data on your iPad or iPhone? Then you probably want some extra certainty that this data is completely removed before you give your device to another person. Here are some measures you can take to ensure that your data cannot be retrieved.

Reinstall your device

It has become known that the local cache of some apps that use iCloud or Dropbox to sync is not encrypted. This local cache remains on your device even after clearing. This can then be misused by a new owner if it is technically useful and creative. To avoid this, you need to restore your device through iTunes. In this way, the operating system is completely reinstalled on your device and all your data has actually disappeared. You then only have the backup in the cloud, which is only accessible with your login details.


Are you not reassured and do you want even more certainty that your erased data will stay away? Then there is another option. Apps such as iShredder are specially designed to get all data 100% permanently from your device. If your iPhone or iPad suffices with really secret data (think trade secrets or even state secrets), this is a good option. Apps like iShredder overwrite the storage memory of your iOS device multiple times with random data, also known as dummy data. This makes your actual data even more difficult to find, making it virtually impossible for others to access it.

In theory, overwriting data is only necessary for magnetic storage data, and not for flash drives like in your iPhone or iPad. However, it just works. It is therefore the perfect solution for an extra bit of security. Keep in mind that if you actually have important secrets on your device, you might do better if you destroy the device in its entirety.

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