How To Get Apex Legends Free Skins

You will be able to make your character much more special thanks to the Apex Legends free costume purchase methods. You can try different methods and customize your character how to get Apex Legends skins for free.

Apex Legends Free Skins

The Apex Legends game , which has left behind games like PUGB or Fortnite with its low system requirements and being free since the day it was released, allows you to make your characters more special with the costumes . Thanks to these costumes, you will make your character look different and most importantly, you will increase the enjoyment you get from the game. Apex Legends free costumes , which you will use to reflect your difference against your opponents in the Apex Legends game, are available in different ways.

Apex Legends Free Costume Patterns

You can try different methods to get Apex Legends skins for free. The first method you will try for Apex Legends free skins is through Twitch Prime membership. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can use that too. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you first need to link your Twitch account with Amazon Prime. Then link your Twitch account to Apex Legends. After doing these operations, click on the Twitch Prime symbol that appears on the top right and you can get free Apex Legends costumes from the tab offered under the heading Loba: Game Master. You can also use other Apex Legends loot from this tab . Apex Legends free skins that change over time By following, you can have different costumes at different times.

For another method, open the origin first. Then click the My Game Library tab. Click on Apex Legends here and immediately enter the game propertiese. From this section, select the advenced launch options option. Then enter the code given below and start the game. In this way, free Apex Legends skins will be defined in the game. The code to be entered;

  • + twitch_prime_linked is 1.

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One last method is for PS4 users. If you have a Play Station Plus subscription, log in to the store and activate the Apex Legends Play Station Plus Game Pack by entering Apex Legends. The costumes will be defined in the game in a short time.

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