How to Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire [100% WORK]

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire August 2021 – Free Fire is a very popular online battle royale mobile game, not as much as Pubg. Diamond and Gold are the in-game currency for Garena Free Fire. If you are a casual gamer, you must buy lots of Free Fire diamonds to buy costumes and other items you like. However, to get diamonds you have to top up the game, which is very costly for a player.

If you do not like to deposit money in games and want to benefit from all the features of the game, we explained how you can do this in the article How to Get Free Diamonds and gold In FF, you will be able to get Diamonds for free with the methods in the article. Thus, you can buy weapon skins and costumes you like.

How to Get Free Diamonds for Free Fire

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds In Free Fire?

Free Fire is a less tiring game for your mobile device than other battle royale games. Although it is similar to Pubg in terms of graphics and story, it is a smooth game that will not tire your device. You need to make in-game purchases for diamonds to purchase items such as clothing and weapon skins, and to buy Diamonds.

Free Fire Elmas

  • Character
  • Partner
  • Clothes
  • Weapon Skin
  • Special Safes
  • Token, Room, Power Cards

You can earn different gifts by completing in-game missions.

What you can get Free diamonds in Free Fire

Amounts of Diamonds You Can Get for Free Fire Game

  • 100 Diamonds
  • 310 Diamonds
  • 520 Diamonds
  • 1060 Diamonds
  • 2180 Diamond
  • 5600 Diamonds

Free Fire Monthly Membership

You can benefit from various privileges as Free Fire weekly or monthly VIP members. In Weekly Memberships, 60 diamonds are awarded daily, a total of 420 diamonds, while monthly memberships are instantly awarded 100 diamonds, followed by a total of 1900 diamonds per day.

Free Fire Special Characters

In FF, you can get a special character with diamonds and level up your character. By increasing their abilities and adding hidden features (Armor expert, Weapon expert, etc.), you get ahead of other players.

How to Get Free Diamonds In Free FireMarch 2021

Diamonds are required for every Free Fire player   They help you get the best characters and packs to customize your character. You can buy them directly in the game or using their website. However, they are quite costly. So we need to research some simple and effective how to get Free Diamonds in free fire 2021. 

You can use these methods to get free diamonds without any payment. The methods we’ll share here are simple ways you can earn money on the internet and get diamonds for FF with this money.

1. Use Google Awarded Surveys

1. Use Google Awarded Surveys

With the Google Rewarded Surveys app, you can earn Google Play Credits that you can use for your purchases by answering survey questions. You can also use credits to buy diamonds on Free Fire. You can earn credits by downloading the Google Rewarded Surveys application from the Play Store and completing the surveys after registration with the gmail account you use in the game. To take more surveys, make sure your device’s GPS is always on and Google Location History is turned on.

2. BOOYAH! Broadcasting on the Application

2. BOOYAH! Broadcasting on the Application

BOOYAH! The application is generally used by Free Fire players and fans. You BOOYAH! By creating an account, you can broadcast while playing games, and if you are a good gamer, viewers can send you valid Diamonds and even money. All you have to do is play your game as usual. BOOYAH! Within the application, you can earn Diamonds that you can use in the Free Fire game by joining them in daily draws for publishers.

3. Websites That Make Money Online

It is possible to earn Google Play Gift cards, iTunes gift certificates and money by completing surveys or digital mining with Online Earning Web Sites (idle-empire – gamerhash – pointsprizes) and you can get Free Diamonds In Free Fire game with these coins. Of course, you cannot earn this money in 1 day, you can earn it when you do tasks and surveys for a certain period of time. These sites are generally considered reliable on the internet, of course, you can do the research.

4. Earn Diamonds by Tracking Free Fire Event Days

In the Free Fire game, events that give free diamonds are organized in certain periods. You can get certain Free Diamonds by watching ads during these events. Currently, the event is not available, but it can be reproduced. If you play Free Fire regularly, you can get free diamonds by watching the ads without missing the events.

Beware of Sites That Say They Offer Free Diamonds

When you go in search of free Diamonds for Free Fire, you will find numerous Free Diamond sites claiming to provide you with unlimited diamonds. Beware of such sites  . They are all fraudulent . They tell you that they will send you a verification code for the download of the diamonds and they ask for confirmation, if you approve, they charge your line with Mobile payment and you will encounter a high invoice, so you will be scammed. Please do not access such sites, malware can be downloaded to your computer and phone, and you may be charged on your line.

Free Fire Free Accounts 2021


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