How to hide your birthday on Facebook

How to hide your birthday on Facebook – If you have an account on the social network Facebook, you will know the amount of information that is requested. 

All this information can be displayed publicly on your Facebook profile, however a different privacy can also be configured. One of the personal information that is usually shared on Facebook profiles is the date of birth which is used for birthday notifications.

When we create a Facebook account, the social network asks us for information such as our date of birth. This date of birth is not only shown in the user profile, but is also used by the social network Facebook to notify your friends of your birthday.

This is a great feature for most Facebook users as it allows them to know and publicize their birthday and that of their friends. In this way we will never forget to congratulate our friends’ birthday again.

This information, although it is requested during the creation of Facebook accounts, the truth is that we can also add or configure it a posteriori once the Facebook account is already created.

However, many users who provided their date of birth during the creation of their accounts can deactivate / hide it from other Facebook users including their friends. If we hide the date of birth from our profile, your Facebook friends will not be notified on your birthday and you will not receive congratulations on the automatic birthday publication that Facebook publishes on the profiles of users who do share it.

In this tutorial we show you in detail how to hide the date of birth from your Facebook profile so that your birthday is not notified to other Facebook users or they can see it directly in your user profile:

How to hide your birthday from your Facebook profile in the Web version.

1. Open Facebook from your computer’s web browser.

2. Log into your Facebook account.

3. Once inside your account, go to your profile by clicking on the username located in the upper right part of the interface.

4. When you are in your profile you will have to go to the tab: Information.

5. Here you will have to select the section: Basic and contact information.

6. Now, on the right side of this configuration you will find under Basic information, you will see both the date and the year of birth.

7. Click the pencil icon next to these settings.

8. This will allow you to both change your date of birth and personalize the privacy of this information.

9. After clicking on the current privacy, a pop-up window will open in which you must choose the option: Only Me.

10. Once you have selected this birthday setting, don’t forget to click the button: Save.

11. From this moment on, your friends or any other Facebook user will be notified on your birthday.

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How to deactivate your birthday on Facebook from the app for Android or iPhone.

1. Open the Facebook app on Android or iPhone.

2. Go to your Facebook profile.

3. Once here select the option: Edit public information

4. On the next screen you will have to scroll to the bottom of the screen to be able to select the option: Edit your profile information.

5. Now you will be directed to the screen in which all your Facebook information is displayed and in which you will have to locate the section: Basic information.

6. Next to this section you will have to select the option: Edit.

7. In the basic information editing screen, you will have to change the “ Audience is ” setting of the date and year of birth settings.

8. We must configure these two settings as: Only Me.

9. When both the date and the year of birth are configured as Only me, you will have to click on the button: Save.

10. From this moment on, your friends and other Facebook users will no longer receive the notification of your birthday, nor will they be able to view your date of birth on your Facebook profile.

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