How To Make a Private Server On Roblox 2021

how to make a private server on roblox – With a large player base, it’s not always easy to find space for your friends in your favorite Roblox games , and you may be interested in getting private servers. The good news is that Roblox supports this feature, but it works a bit differently than many other games.

Roblox supports private servers, but it is up to the developers of the individual games to choose to implement the option. When you are watching a game on Roblox, click on the Servers tab, and if you can see the VIP Servers option, then you will know that the game supports a private server.

If you want to start playing Roblox , we tell you that it is available for various platforms, including PC, mobile and console. And in one of their latest updates, the developers have added the ability to create or private server on Roblox on your favorite maps, opening up the possibility of enjoying the road with your best friends. Do you want to know how to do it?

What are the advantages of a private server at Roblox?

The “Private Servers” were known in the past by the name of “VIP Servers” , and were only available to certain people with extra functions that made them unique and special. Fortunately for many, a few months ago – in April of this year – the transformation of the function was announced.

Among the benefits that you can enjoy with a private server we have the opportunity to participate in solo games or in the best of cases invite a certain number of friends. And despite the fact that some servers have an estimated price in roblox, the vast majority can be created completely free.

Benefits of a Private Server in Roblox

Previously on Roblox this feature was known as “VIP Servers” and of course it had other features that not everyone could enjoy. However, in mid- April 2020 this feature became “Private Servers” .

It has provided all users with various functions and one of the most obvious is the privacy it offers when playing, since at the time of having a private server on the map of preference you can invite people and friends who wish .

Another of the most attractive functions is that in many of the maps you can create private servers totally free , and sometimes some developers tend to charge for creating them, being an easy way to profit and get some extra coins. In these cases the prices are around 5-10 Robux or more.

How to Create a private server on Roblox

  • Enter Roblox .
  • Locate the map where you want to create the private server . Keep in mind that the possibility of making or not a server within the map will depend on the mini-game developer.
  • Once the map is located, in the central part you will see the option “Servers” , click on it.
  • It will then show a short description that will tell you if the server creation has a price or is free. In case of being paid, prices vary between 5-10 robux .
  • For the example we will take the option “Free” . Click on “Create private server” .
  • Enter the name of the server , the one that best suits your requirements.
  • Then click on the “Get Now” button .
  • Now you will see two alternatives, which indicate the following: “Configuration” – “Not now” . If you choose “Settings” , you can customize your private server in the best way. In this case, you can add friends, change the name, generate the invitation link and many other things.
  • After having applied the necessary changes, click on “Save” to save and that’s it.
private server on Roblox

In this how to make a private server in Roblox without problems and thus enjoy the best adventures in the company of your friends. What are you waiting to create one?

How do I cancel a VIP server?

Unsubscribing from a VIP server is a simple process.

  • Navigate to your VIP server for the game. Click the Menu button (looks like three dots) at the far right of the section.
  • Click Configure.
  • To cancel your monthly charge, click the green Active icon next to Subscription Status.
  • You will need to click Cancel payments in the confirmation window to cancel the subscription.  

If the payment date arrives and you do not have enough Robux to pay for the VIP Server, it will be canceled automatically.

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