How To Set Up Email on iPhone

How To Set Up Email on iPhone – As an alternative, you may manually set up your mail account by referring to this guide:

You will be guided step-by-step through the process of setting up a new email account on your iPhone or iPad using this tutorial.

How To Set Up Email on iPhone

Follow these instructions if this is your first time configuring Mail and adding an email address to your iPhone.

  • To set up email on your iPhone for the first time, go to the Mail icon.
  • Select your email provider and adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  • Your email address and the related password must be entered. The procedures that follow will change depending on the email service provider you select, but don’t worry—the onscreen instructions will direct you.
  • Your iPhone will automatically verify that you entered the right information by checking your email account. The issue will be displayed on the screen if something is incorrect.
  • Select the other services you want to sync with that email now. You must pick Mail and Contacts for your email to function correctly, but you may also opt to add Notes and Calendars when you initially set up email on your iPhone. Don’t worry; if you need to, you can always adjust these settings in the future.

How to Make an iPhone Send Another Email

The instructions below will show you how to add another email to your iPhone if you already have one email account set up in Mail.

  • To add another email to your iPhone, tap the Settings button.
  • Locate and choose the Passwords & Accounts menu.
  • When you see the accounts you’ve previously set up, click Add Another Account at the bottom and then proceed as before.

How to Modify Your Email on Your iPhone

Your iPhone’s email accounts can occasionally be changed by eliminating inactive or outdated accounts. Follow these instructions to learn how to modify email on your iPhone:

From your iPhone, delete an account.

  • Access the Settings icon.
  • Locate and choose the Passwords & Accounts menu.
  • To sign out, scroll to the bottom and click.
  • Choose whether to delete content from your iPhone or keep it.

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