The 12 PS4 Exclusive Games You Urgently Need to Play

All consoles have their unique games. As all current generation platforms are quite similar in terms of hardware , these titles end up being responsible for attracting gamers. If you’re thinking about buying a PlayStation 4, for example, but have doubts if that’s right, you need to know what Sony’s pup can offer you in terms of games .

To save you the research, we’ve brought you the top 12 exclusive PS4 games in this article. From the amazing Marvel’s Spider Man to the famous God of War , there are titles for all tastes. Check out what they are and understand why Sony’s console is one of the best gaming platforms in history.

1. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is more than a fun experience. This title brings a cinematic narrative, intriguing and open. Despite the theme already hit with teens trying to survive an entire morning to the attacks of a serial killer , is a game of survival horror very well built and needs to be played several times.

The plot is very simple. A group of teenagers gather in a cottage for a night of partying. Two girls, however, end up dying after falling off a cliff while being chased by an assassin. A year later, the “survivors” return to the cottage to honor the girls. What they don’t know is that the killer is still at large.

To survive, you have to make choices all the time. And every choice in Until Dawn interferes with the direction the story will take. This system is very well developed, inspired by the well-known “Butterfly Effect”. That is: each action taken will reflect in greater proportions in the gameplay in the future . Even providing the possibility of having multiple endings.

So you might as well save all the playable characters at the end of Until Dawn , just as you might just end up killing them all. There is also the middle ground, where only a few of the teenagers survive the dawn of murders in and around the cottage.

So if you are looking for an exciting survival horror experience , Until Dawn is the perfect game for you. It even has special versions for the PlayStation VR, which further deepens the game experience .

You must play this game if:

  • If you are a fan of horror movies, books and stories in general
  • Enjoy survival games

2. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport seeks to give Sony’s legendary car gaming franchise a new direction. It’s the first PlayStation 4 title in the series and it sure doesn’t disappoint. As with previous games , it is focused on the racing experience itself, not on modifying and customizing the vehicles.

GT Sport has two modes. The Sport mode is exclusively online. There are three daily races in this mode, which will be changed every week. The player needs to stand out in these races in order to climb a world ranking . The lowest class is E in both Driver Rating and Sportsmanship Rating . The highest class is A in the first and S in the second. Those who are among the 200 best drivers in the world also have a special class, the S Driver Rating .

Arcade mode doesn’t bring the possibility to build a career as a pilot. In previous franchise titles this game mode option was always present, however in GT Sport it was not. The Arcade is nothing more than performing individual races in the style Time Trial , for example. There is a progress system in this mode as you stand out on the tracks available in the game.

Despite being far from the best racing titles of the 8th generation of consoles, Gran Turismo Sport convinces and provides good hours of fun. In addition, there is a world championship for the game, managed by the FIA ​​itself, which awards the winner annually with a cash prize.

You must play this game if:

  • Are you a fan of previous Gran Turismo games
  • Wanting to compete in an online world championship organized by the FIA

3. Journey

Journey is considered by many experts to be a work of art. Narratively and visually, it’s a deep game with great emotional appeal. There are no dialogues or lines whatsoever, which invites players to immerse themselves in a playful and artistic experience like no other. No wonder that Journey was awarded worldwide in various categories.

In this game you control a hooded figure, who wears a scarf and is only capable of emitting musical notes. Your mission is to cross a desert and other inhospitable spaces to reach the top of a mountain. These musical notes also allow us to interact with pieces of fabric scattered throughout the scenarios. Using your scarf and these fabrics you can change environments and progress on your journey.

Although Journey is a single player game , it is possible to find another player at random locations on your journey, always one per chapter. Both can reach the end of the path together, helping each other, although the only communication allowed between the two is musical notes. It is not possible to know any kind of information about the other player.

With a maximum duration of three hours, Journey brings a mysterious narrative. As the hooded figure advances to the top of the mountain, he passes through buildings and references to an ancient civilization on the way. It’s a journey of self-discovery that ends in a cinematic and beautiful way. At the end of the credits, the PSN IDs of the players who shared your journey appear on the screen.

You must play this game if:

  • Want a deep visual and artistic experience
  • Enjoying single player games with short campaigns

4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the latest adventure of the rare and valuable object hunter known as Nathan Drake. And Nate’s journey of exploration, shooting, and danger couldn’t end in a more dignified way. With a significant improvement in the protagonist’s movement and in his interaction with the scenarios, in addition to having an incredible narrative, this game is one of the best in its genre.

It takes place three years after the completion of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception . Nathan had already completely given up on his life as a hunter of valuable artifacts. Retired, in the company of Elena Fisher, his wife, he receives a visit from his brother, Samuel. Sam was apparently dead, but returns with the possibility of one last adventure: finding the treasure of pirate Henry Avery.

With this narrative background, the player controls Nathan Drake and seeks to help his brother find the treasure. Amidst missions that involve facing large groups of enemies and solving puzzles , Uncharted 4 provides players with challenging and fun gameplay .

As with all games in the franchise, all levels are linear. There is, however, room for exploration. According to the developers, the levels are ten times higher than those seen in the previous title. Therefore, the player is not obliged to progress in the game in the same way every time, as there are several paths to follow towards his objective.

Bringing more than one game mode, including multiplayer , Uncharted 4 is a title that every PlayStation 4 owner needs to have and zero. It’s exciting and profound. Nathan Drake has never been so fit and he has never had so much to lose. So wait for all possible challenges to stay alive.

You must play this game if:

  • He played all the other titles in the franchise and wants to finish Nathan Drake’s story
  • If you like games style omb Raider

5. Bloodborne

Every gamer who doesn’t have a PlayStation 4 has certainly wanted to experience at least once what it’s like to play Bloodborne . Although it somehow belongs to the Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls family , it is a very different game in terms of gameplay mechanics. Its gameplay is challenging, but it is more fluid and faster than that presented by the Souls games.

This is not to say, however, that Bloodborne is an easy game to play. It encourages a more offensive grip, as you will often have to face many enemies at the same time. It is possible to jump around opponents, giving more dynamic to combat. There are also stimuli to take risks, since after losing health it is possible to recover it by quickly attacking enemies within a period of time.

There are several weapon options the player can have. They are divided into primary and secondary, with some melee weapons gaining different functions depending on how they are used. Firearms can also only be used to stun enemies if you wish.

Bloodborne features a plot that is both simple and complex. The protagonist’s journey takes place in Yharnam, a city in ruins, a target of constant pilgrimage for supposedly guarding a miraculous medicine. You control one of these pilgrims. Upon arriving in Yharnam, he discovers that a disease has turned all its inhabitants into monsters.

As a playful experience, Bloodborne is one of those games that all gamers should play. It has already become a PS4 classic, having gathered a legion of fans around its unique and exciting gameplay.

You must play this game if:

  • Want a challenging title
  • Enjoying games with a gothic setting, with a mix of modern and medieval

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6. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian has some similarities to Journey , described above. It features a protagonist we know nothing about, not even his name. He is accompanied by a legendary creature that is half mammal and half bird called Trico. As in Ico and Shadow of the Colossus , it eliminates everything that is superfluous to the plot, focusing everything on the relationship between Trico and the boy protagonist of the game.

The gameplay is not one of The Last Guardian’s strongest points , as it received strong criticism regarding the boy’s difficulty in controlling and interacting with Trico. None of this, however, gets in the way of the overall experience of the game. Using the partnership between boy and creature, the player must escape from a prison, escaping the guards that at any cost try to arrest them again.

The plot is basically the escape of both characters. The interesting thing, however, is that the entire gameplay is focused on building the relationship between the boy and Trico. The dynamic between the two is intense, and one depends on the other not to be captured by the prison guards where they are.

The Last Guardian is a mix of adventure and action and is also a platform game. At the same time, it is one of those “conceptual”, artistic games that are often made much more to be contemplated than actually understood. It is well worth your purchase if you want an unusual gaming experience.

You must play this game:

  • Enjoying artistic and deep games
  • Have already played the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus titles

7. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn has won many Game of the Year awards and no wonder. This game bet everything on a strong, deep and complex protagonist, the slayer Aloy. In command of this character, the player explores an open and huge world, a thousand years after the present time, when planet Earth was dominated by murderous robotic creatures.

The gameplay features a mix of several successful combat mechanics. Aloy has at his disposal several ways to deal with his enemies, be they human or machine. You can use your bow to shoot different types of arrows at opponents, some explosive. If you want, however, you can go into hand-to-hand combat, using a kind of stick. Aloy also prepares different types of traps and can eliminate combatants in stealth.

Zero Dawn doesn’t bring much customization possibilities to Aloy. Throughout the game it is possible to build, buy and find weapons, clothing and armor, however. Also, there is a good character evolution system. Aloy can be improved in specific attributes, according to the player’s combat style.

Narrative is the strong point of the game alongside Aloy. The main objective is to find out who Aloy really is. Throughout the main and secondary missions, this becomes clearer, while understanding what happened to planet Earth a thousand years ago. It’s a beautiful adventure, in a dynamic world, with variations in weather and day and night.

You must play this game if:

  • Interested in science fiction
  • Enjoying futuristic action games

8. Marvel’s Spider Man

No one disputes that Marvel’s Spider Man is the best Teioso game ever made. It’s not just that the PlayStation 4 made it possible for us to jump from building to building with incredible graphics. This Spider-Man game gave fans a chance to delve into an all-new Neighborhood Buddy story, as well as allowing them to play with Peter Parker’s secret identity.

The open world of this title is also impressive. New York was portrayed with great fidelity. We find all the classic comic and movie points in the game. Flying, jumping and running through the city’s skyscrapers has never been so much fun! In addition, the scenario is almost always an ally in combat, as the hero uses the environments he is in to gain advantages in fights.

It goes without saying that all of the Stubborn’s powers are in Marvel’s Spider Man . Your skill in battle is very well developed, with the possibility of creating different combos. The web and Spider-Sense can be used in many different ways. It is enough for the player to master the character and find his fighting style.

Another really fun feature of this game is that the main quests and sidequests give you items, collectibles and, of course, new uniforms. Even the uniforms created by Tony Stark in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe are present in the game. Also, in addition to fighting crime in New York, you have to deal with Peter Parker’s private life and all the problems it brings.

You must play this game if:

  • For a card-carrying fan of Marvel and Spider-Man
  • Enjoying superhero games

9. The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 exclusive originally, but its remastered version for the PS4 certainly deserves to be here. It is one of the most revered games of all time. It features a fatherly interaction between Joel and Ellie, both on a mission to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with corrupt humans and deadly creatures.

In this third-person action game you control Joel most of the time, although Ellie is also playable for some of the game. Both must cross the United States in order to reach the out-of-quarantine zone. The world has been infected with a virus, and Ellie, even infected, is immune to it. So there are people interested in using it to find a cure.

We’ve all seen a movie or read a book with a background similar to The Last of Us . The big difference in this game is the relationship between Joel and Ellie, which develops as they both survive extreme situations and limits. You will often run out of bullets, guns and medical items, having to hide in corners and alleys to avoid dying.

The Last of Us takes the survival genre into a new experience. Survival is constant, mainly because you have to ration all the items and ammunition you have. Remembering the good old days of Resident Evil 3 and Silent Hill , you never know when enemies will show up and where they will come from. Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, you’ll find that the tension in this game is constant.

You must play this game if:

  • Enjoying post-apocalyptic themed games
  • Get interested in survival games

10. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is one of the most powerful exclusives on the PS4. First in graphic terms. Visually it is beautiful, leaving players with their mouths open. Secondly, it brings a plot that allows the control of three different characters, all being androids: Kara, Markus and Connor. And all three can either die or survive the end of the game, depending on the player’s choices during gameplay .

Each character has its own narrative line. Eventually the three can meet at a certain point in the game. That makes Detroit: Become Human a complex title. Throughout the gameplay you will be faced with ethical and moral decisions that are quite difficult to make. In some cases, it is even possible to review them, as there is a “remorse system” in the game.

Gameplay won’t demand much from players. In Detroit: Become Human you’ll have to concentrate much more on exploring the scenarios and interacting with the environments and other characters in the game. Everything around you is important and can play a decisive role in the evolution of the character you control. Also, each of the three controllable androids has a unique ability.

Set in a completely futuristic world, in the best Black Mirror style , Detroit is built on the relationship between machines and human beings. The plot or plots, therefore, bring a serious and very deep reflection on the relationships between living beings.

You must play this game if:

  • Being very interested in narrative games
  • Enjoying futuristic themes involving intelligent machines

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11. Days Gone

Days Gone is the latest title on this list. It has been developed and delayed several times over the past few years, and there has been much speculation whether it would actually be released one day. Now available on PS4, it’s a classic survival game set in an apocalyptic world. The player must not only kill zombie enemies to survive, known as Freakers , but also progress in missions that lead to the completion of a narrative.

In Days Gone you command Deacon, a bounty hunter. His wife, Sarah, was taken by helicopter to government facilities to be treated for an injury. Deacon and a friend, Booze, were left behind as there was no space in the vehicle. Now both must survive hordes of zombies to be reunited with Sarah.

The combat system allows you to use both short and long range attacks. Stealth moves are also allowed. The day and night cyclic system makes it easy to approach different types of Freakers . Some get slower and weaker during the day, for example. Deacon can still use a motorbike to move around a wide open world. This bike can be modified with parts, so that it is faster or more resistant.

Despite being a beat-themed game, Days Gone is quite fun. Killing zombies in a variety of ways and from the most varied locations gives the player freedom of action. Also, exploring a large map without being sure what you’ll find along the way is intriguing. Added to this is the narrative part, which provides the backdrop for the gameplay.

You must play this game if:

  • Enjoying games with zombies
  • Interested in open world survivals

12. God of War

God of War arrives surprising on PlayStation 4. When everyone thought the Spartan Kratos was dead and defeated, he resurfaces in a role we’ve never seen him before: that of father. Alongside his son Atreus, the Ghost of Sparta finds himself on a mission to discover himself as a father figure as he tries to leave behind his past of violence.

Set in Norse mythology, God of War brings new mechanics to the franchise. The camera is now behind Kratos, in third person. We continue with a linear game, with no open world, although there is a great possibility to explore Midgard and other mythical worlds of the Viking legends. Again the player will have to face gods and other fantastic creatures on his way.

The combat system continues in the good and surefire Hack n’ Slash . Kratos can use a battle axe, a shield, and even his free hands to strike enemies. It is now possible to customize the clothes or armor the Spartan wears, as well as aspects of his axe. Atreus, who carries a bow and arrows, can also be customized.

There’s a very interesting skill progression system, another element that wasn’t there in previous games in the franchise. Having Atreus by your side gives you new battle possibilities, as using just one button you can ask for his help in combat.

God of War is an exceptional game, probably the best in the franchise so far. Impresses for the graphics, the ambiance, the excellent mechanics, but mainly for its deep and complex plot. It’s a worthy return to the PlayStation for Kratos, and therefore a must-have exclusive for anyone with a PS4.

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