Best perfect wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10

Tastes differ, but with a little creativity, you can find very cool wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The central idea: do something cool with the front camera (s) in the Infinity-O screen of the devices. Addition:  a number of the displayed backgrounds can actually be downloaded – see below. Supplement 2 Reddit : now there is a special one to indulge in.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers?

Earlier this week, we showed you that you can hide the Galaxy S10 ‘s front camera. The result with the larger bar above the usable screen is not necessarily better. So who the ‘hole-punch’ cameras S10, S10e, and S10 Plus does not find good, better watch as the ideas Twitterer Matt B.

He throws a lot of ideas into the world for background images that make the front cameras of the Galaxy S10 models less visible in a fun, creative way. We see the robot Johnny5, Bender from Futurama, and even a Minion. R2-D2 also plays its creative role, as does NASA’s Mars rover.

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Snag in the grass

Anyone who now wants to set one of the displayed backgrounds on his / her brand new Galaxy S10 cannot get started right away. Most of the examples shown are not even immediately available, but the result of clever Photoshop work. So consider the ideas shown as that: ideas.

But it is probably only a matter of time before someone actually converts the images to downloadable wallpapers – inside or outside Samsung’s own theme store. In any case, we keep an eye on it. Do you come across the images as ready-made, instantly adjustable backgrounds? Let us know below! Of course, the same applies if you have other creative ways / images to do something fun with the striking Infinity-O holes in the screen of the Galaxy S10 models.

Addition: download

wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10

You can now download a number of backgrounds directly, without having to work with Photoshop yourself. Matt B has once again shared a number of download links via Twitter :

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