8 Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone – Long battery life is one of the features that every user looks for in phones. iPhone batteries can run out of power over time. 

However, this process is not expected to occur at the beginning of the life cycle. While there are some ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery life, using battery-saving apps will keep your battery usage in check.

In this article, we discuss the applications to protect and therefore increase the Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone.

Battery HD+

Battery HD+ offers a delightful user interface packed with essential features to manage your iPhone’s battery health. 

You will see an extra battery level monitor in the control panel of the app. A special section in the app contains various tips for maintaining your battery to keep it charged longer.

What’s even more interesting is that you can see the current time you’ve been using your iPhone. This will let you know how much longer you can use the various features on your iPhone. Namely, Wi-Fi, surfing the web, making calls and 2D / 3D games.

The battery monitor on the instrument cluster will also let you see how long it will take to charge your battery. 

You can also set an alarm to get notified when your battery is charged. Also, Battery HD+ monitors your phone’s temperature and charging voltage. As a result, the app is free but of course contains ads. However, they are not irritating.


Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

Battery Saver has a precise interface packed with features that allow you to monitor your battery level among other essentials. 

The app not only helps you keep your battery level under control, but also helps you manage memory and disk space.

While the app doesn’t offer ways to increase battery level directly, memory and disk management can clean junk files and unnecessary memory usage to reduce overall battery usage. 

Although it claims to offer you battery saving tips, it may not work for some reason. Overall, an ideal app to see what’s using your battery.

Additionally, it could add more value if the app explicitly told you if the battery needs charging. But it seems that’s not something the developer is focusing on. Of course, every app has its weaknesses.


Battery Life Doctor Pro

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

Although both have similar features, Battery Life Doctor Pro is slightly ahead of Battery Saver. You can simultaneously have a battery monitoring dashboard and on the other hand see real-time memory and disk usage. The Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone additional steps to effectively free up junk files and extra RAM usage.

You can see your RAM capacity and the application that uses the iPhone battery the most. There is a similar statistic for disk usage. 

Battery Life Doctor Pro does not neglect to clean the garbage to reduce battery usage. It also includes all 15 proven ways to protect your iPhone battery health.

The app is free, but the ads in this free version can be annoying. You can remove them with a one-time subscription.


Battery Health

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

Battery Health is one of the best apps to boost your iPhone’s charging speed. One of its most unusual features is its intuitive and comprehensive user interface.

The app bundles a lot of features with it, but the best notable feature is it didn’t provide charging history. 

This gives you access to the 30-day charging behavior tab on your iPhone. This is a great feature as you can monitor the charge and discharge rate of your battery over time. Additionally, a charge timer is included to better understand how fast your iPhone battery is charging.

All these features mentioned above do not come with a single price package. So if you want the app to dim your phone or hide your UI while charging, you need a paid subscription. Indeed, this feature increases the charging speed. You will also be able to set an alarm to notify you when your battery is fully charged.


Battery Life

Battery Life

Would you consider managing your battery health across multiple Apple mobile devices? Battery Life gives you an open playground to do this. Ideal for monitoring battery level, usage and charging patterns on your iPhone and connected devices such as the Apple Watch.

The app has Apple Watch and iPhone apps. So you can connect both devices and see how your battery is performing on both devices.

Specifically, you will use a widget to display your device’s runtime. In this widget you will find your internet usage, talk time, Audio and video player and more. The runtime feature will give you a clear idea of ​​what is draining your battery. 

There’s also an alarm to notify you when your battery is satisfactorily charged. This feature helps optimize the battery charge and prevents it from getting more charging voltage than it should.

You can see the connected devices in the Connected devices section. Here you can manage all connected devices including active, inactive and unmonitored devices. The application is free. However, you have to choose a premium plan to remove ads and use advanced features like custom notifications.


Cloud Batteries

As it turns out, Cloud Batteries uses cloud technology to sync all your Apple devices in one place as long as iCloud is used. So you can keep them all in one place and monitor their battery health remotely via the cloud.

The app supports iOS, macOS and watchOS. You can also connect Bluetooth-connected low-energy devices like the Apple Pencil via any device to add them to the watched section. Since it is cloud-based, you can closely monitor other devices when you install the compatible app for any device.

Cloud Batteries has a notification feature that alerts you when you need to unplug your iPhone from the charger. 

Additionally, you can set the app to notify you when your battery reaches a certain percentage. Using the application is easy. 

Also, adding a device is by tapping the + icon in the top left. Therefore, you can now monitor the battery levels of devices directly from the control panel. You can also sort devices using various criteria such as battery level and device name, or use custom sorting.


CPU Monitor 

CPU Monitor is an ideal application to do a complete background check on your iPhone. This application provides in-depth monitoring services for batteries, processors, network interface, graphics processing unit (GPU), CPU, operating system health and storage. It then organizes usage statistics in short and informative charts. This is useful as they are all factors that affect battery life.

Using these statistics, you will learn what is using the most battery power and possibly consider how to reduce their impact. However, when you try to view statistics, the application sometimes fails to do so.

However, CPU Monitor has a dedicated area for each volume it monitors. Therefore, you only need to click on the appropriate widget to see how your iPhone performs in this respect. 

For example, you’ll tap Battery to see its performance. So you can see battery statistics such as status, occupancy capacity and voltage. 

The application is free. However, you may want to choose a premium plan to remove intrusive ads.


Ampere Battery Charging Check

Ampere Battery Charging Check lets you monitor your battery charging speed and, among other things, see how much battery each app on your iPhone is consuming. Being able to see how fast your battery is charging means you can test different chargers on your iPhone to see which charges faster.

Additionally, the app has a usage section to see the remaining usage time for each inbuilt feature on your iPhone. These include the time you can talk, internet use, audio, video playback, and the total time remaining.

One shortcoming of the app is the cluttered user interface, which somewhat affects the usage. Otherwise, it is ideal for its application purpose.


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