10 Comics Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited catalog is also full of comics! See 10 interesting titles that are available on the service.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited , Amazon’s subscription service that gives you access to a variety of digital books, also has comics! For those who like this style of narrative, the service catalog has a range of options of the most different genres, traits and proposals. 

See here a list of 10 comics available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and get emotional reading these stories.

1. Guava

Launched through crowdfunding, Goiaba is a comic book by João Luiz from Minas Gerais and illustrator Nicolas Maia. The story’s protagonists are friends Caio and João Victor, who decide to climb their old acquaintance, the guava tree, in what may be the last time they do it together.

2. Pride and Prejudice

Based on the acclaimed novel by Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice has a screenplay by Ian Edginton and illustrations by Robert Deas. 

The graphic novel takes place in the early 19th century and follows the Bennetts, a very humble couple who have five daughters. 

In the plot, Mrs Bennet can’t wait for her daughters to get married – after all this is the only way for them to inherit the family property -, which makes her especially excited when two distinguished gentlemen arrive in the community where they live.

3. Hailstone

A five-issue horror series (all available in Portuguese on Kindle Unlimited), Hailstone has text by Rafael Scavone and art by Rafael de Latorre. 

The HQ takes place in a town called Hailstone, where a harsh winter and food shortages have made life difficult for its residents. 

To make matters worse, a young woman goes missing, and the local sheriff and his assistant embark on an investigation that uncovers startling revelations.

4. Cobra Kai – The Karate Kid Saga Continues: Johnny’s Story

Inspired by the series of the same name, Cobra Kai – The Karate Kid Saga Continues: Johnny’s story takes place, just like the original show, 35 years after the events of the Karate Kid franchise. 

In the comic, we follow the protagonist Johnny Laurence through a very complicated period of his life, when after reaching rock bottom, he decides to reopen the Cobra Kai Dojo and regain the love of his son. Along the way, his path crosses again with that of Daniel Larusso, rekindling the old rivalry with the now-entrepreneur.

5. Saburo: Saburo

A title that could not be missing from this list of comics on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Saburo , by Ricardo Ono, is a product derived from the author’s doctoral thesis in Arts, at UFPA. 

Exploring the theme of Japanese immigration, the comics follow three generations of the author’s family, Nikei in the Amazon, and show the facts that led his grandfather to immigrate to Brazil, the process of adaptation in the country and his role in the history of his descent.

6. Funny Creek

Divided into five parts, all available on Kindle Unlimited, or accessible in its single version, Funny Creek is a comic book by Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Scavone, Eduardo Medeiros and Priscilla Tramontano. 

The title follows in the footsteps of Lilly, a little girl who, when escaping from a major trauma, brings to life the dream of many children: to end up in the imaginary world of her favorite cartoon. 

Soon, however, she realizes that in addition to the colors and fun, the Funny Creek universe also has its problems, and she tries to return home, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

7. Voiceless: a pemour story

Funded via Catharse in 2019, Voiceless: A Pemour Story has text by Bian Philippi and illustrations by Richard Daniel. 

The story revolves around Júlia, an eight-year-old girl who is recovering from throat surgery and meets Sol, a fantastic creature, who likes light and came from the stars. Helped by the little one, Júlia faces her own problems, trying to find her voice to tell her parents what she’s feeling.

8. Repairs

By comic artist Brão Barbosa, Reparos takes place in a messy workshop, where a curious and beautiful friendship is born between a grumpy old man and an ingenious little girl. 

In this scenario full of tools, discoveries and inventions, they find questions and answers to the most diverse questions.

9. The Elysio: a journey to hell

Comic book set in World War II, O Elisio: a journey to hell is by writer and illustrator Renato Dalmaso. The title follows the participation of the FEB (Brazilian Expeditionary Force) in the armed conflict, highlighting the real story of soldier Eliseu de Oliveira, who faced great horrors in the war fighting Mussolini’s soldiers.

10. Sincerity: Liames

By Letícia Pusti, Sinceridade: Liames follows Sara, a girl who embarks on a journey of learning and reflection, when she is returning home and ends up listening to a conversation between two friends on the bus. 

Shaken with everything she heard, she starts to rethink about attitudes she had in the past, regretting something she did to someone else.

And you, do you recommend other comics on Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

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