CS GO FPS Display Code Shutdown (2021)

There is no rule that the CS GO FPS Display Code will always remain open. We explained how to do the closing process in the simplest way. By following the steps below, you have the chance to close the FPS values ​​you opened with a single action. You can write your questions about the subject as a comment.

Turn off CS GO FPS not show code

If you are done with the CS GO FPS Display Code, you need to write a code to the console to turn it off. You will type the code we have given below into the command console, just as you do when opening the display code.

  • net_graph 0

The FPS indicator activated by net_graph 1 is turned passive with 0. If you try different numbers, you will get different results. These 2 numbers are used for opening and closing.

What is CS GO?

CS GO is one of the most played online FPS games in the world. The game is known as a very successful war strategy and aiming game in which the game is free and the in-game balances are provided equally. It has managed to improve itself with the updates it has received since its launch. At the same time, its features have been seen as secular to lead other FPS games.

What is FPS?

FPS is called the number of images per second. It is a sequential visible frequency called the frame that the imaging device generates. Fast transfer of the game to the device is very important for the players in online games. The faster it is detected, the sooner the action against the enemy begins.

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