Getting SS without Snapchat Notification

As everyone knows, the other party is notified when Snapchat is receiving SS. Some users do not want the other party not to know when they receive SS on Snapchat. So is there a situation like receiving SS without snapchat notification . Let’s see it all together.

Getting SS without Snapchat Notification

How can you do this? Let’s look at the details.

1- Screen Video

First, let’s download Mobizen or one of the other screen recorder applications. Then run the application and it will start recording the screenshot. Now let’s open Snapchat and pause for a while to get to where we want to get SS. Finally, let’s turn off the screen recorder and open the video we recorded. Let’s get to where you recorded on Snapchat, you can get SS from there. You can find Mobizen in item 6 of our screen recorder article.RELATED NEWS

2- Airplane Mode

First, let’s switch the device to airplane mode. After taking airplane mode, you can enter Snapchat and get the SS of the picture or story you want to take a screenshot of. But here is a problem, you should not connect to the internet. As soon as you connect to the Internet, the notification of the image you received SS will go. The move to be made here is that you need to clear the application data for Android.

3- Tap Now “Now on Tap”

  • This method involves the use of Google’s Tap Now feature, which was introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. So first, you will need to enable it. You can enable this feature by tapping Settings → Google → Search and Now → Now.
  • Once you’ve enabled it, hold down the home button to launch Open Now after taking a snap in Snapchat. Then click the share button on the left to share the screenshot.

Snapchat’s methods to get SS without notification 2019 are generally this way, you can record SS’s received with the commonly used screen recorder very cleanly.

Note: Do not abuse transactions. Screen shots that you will abuse can attract attention and leave you in unwanted situations.

Fantastic User Comments Not Wanting Notification When Receiving SS on Snapchat RELATED NEWS

  • One of the situations that causes people to change from color to color, I think you are taking ss, why do you hesitate, do not hesitate, why do you take ss, take it, what will happen.
  • Fifty people have produced a formula, if you don’t buy it like that, it won’t go away.
  • I wanted to buy it once, but I withdrew, I said what the need.
  • Screen recorder made me see my work very comfortably, I recommend it.

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