How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPad Screen In The UK?

Disclaimer: This post mentions doing your own iPad repair (DIY). Please be advised that this kind of repair can be difficult, so if you don’t have expertise with it, we don’t recommend that anyone replace their own iPad screen.

iParts4U is not responsible for any harm to devices that results from do-it-yourself repairs.

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The Apple iPad is a highly popular gadget and a fantastic way to gather information or have fun. However, the panels that are utilized on these gadgets are big, made of glass, and feature intricate touch control mechanisms. Because of this, they are very fragile and can be broken easily by bumps, drops, and scratches.

A record high of more than 1 million broken iPads was reported in the UK in 2018. When an iPad screen breaks (especially after a few years), many Apple tablet owners don’t know how much it will cost or what their options are.

So, how much does a new iPad screen cost in the UK? How much does it cost to repair the screen on an iPad? We examine numerous options for getting your iPad screen repaired or replaced.

How iPad displays may degrade or develop damage over time 

As was already said, getting an iPad repaired is a rather regular necessity. The internal display component may have failed or the screen may have fractured.

You may have noticed that it is getting more and more difficult to read or see the screen. In the worst case, you won’t be able to see anything on the screen, and your tablet will be completely useless.

Damage is how it happens. The screen of your iPad can be harmed by a number of simple things. A handful of them are listed below.

  • Overheating
  • device malfunction (component breakdown, physical media breakdown, adhesive breakdown) 
  • Broken screen, drop damage, or physical harm 
  • Dropped software failure causes damage. 
  • In this instance, the battery has swollen and has become unsafe; it should be carried to a qualified device repairer. It is not recommended to attempt these kinds of DIY fixes. 
  • Inadequate care or aging-related decline 
  • The corrosion and water damage caused by airborne water vapor 
  • Scuffing and other unintentional harm 

If you’re unsure about the state of your screen or think there could be a problem, you can ask our skilled repair team for guidance.

How to determine the level of repair needed for your iPad and whether the screen has to be replaced

There are various things to think about if you think there could be an issue with your iPad’s display.

You must first determine whether or not your iPad is damaged. The screen appears to be physically damaged or cracked. Can you make out any kind of display? Is the display of low quality? Does the touch screen react to commands placed on it?

The second step is to identify the problem you wish to fix. You may buy a replacement screen to replace your cracked or shattered one.

However, unless you are an expert repairer, it might be difficult to pinpoint the issue if there is no visible physical defect. If you need help, get in touch with our repair crew.

The cost of the repair is the third thing you need to know. This will change based on the type of your iPad as well as whether you plan to do the repair yourself (by purchasing a replacement screen kit with tools, screen bonding agents, and parts) or schedule a professional repair from a service center like ours at iParts4U.

Fourth, you should be aware of the kinds of repairs you are capable of. This will rely on several elements.

  • Your level of repair knowledge, experience and skill
  • You have the correct tools and parts available
  • You are confident you can undertake the repair required (repairs can vary in difficulty depending on the issue).
  • Is a professional repair the best option?

How iParts4U Can Aid In iPad Screen Repair?

We have a wealth of expertise repairing Apple products and are a dependable source for replacement parts. You may rely on our spare parts’ quality, dependability, and price in addition to these factors.

  • Mainland UK shipping is free on purchases over £100.
  • Using premier UK courier services, dispatch on the same or next working day.
  • Simple phrases for trading customers’ payments.
  • No-fuss returns for the infrequent instances when a component is delivered with a flaw.
  • Our support line will provide free technical guidance.
  • a wide variety of repair manuals for Apple products.
  • Priority sales or tech help from our skilled and knowledgeable repair professionals and customer managers. Talk about the repairs you need, the parts you need, and the delivery information.

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Cost

DIY Replacement Screen Parts Pricing

iPd 2 From £8.30

iPd 3 From £8.30

iPd 4 From £8.35

iPd 5 From £11.27

iPd 6 From £13.64

iPd 7 From £18.95

iPd 8 From £18.95

iPd 9 From £24.95

Apple iPad PRO Screen Replacement Cost

DIY Replacement Screen Parts Pricing

iPd PRO 9.7 From £144.31

iPd PRO 10.5 From £144

iPd PRO 11 From £63.62

iPd PRO 11 2nd Gen From £41.20

iPd PRO 11 3rd Gen From £262.86

iPd PRO 12.9 From £186.04

iPd PRO 12.9 2nd Gen From £48.37

iPd PRO 12.9 3rd Gen From £63.59

iPd PRO 12.9 4th Gen From £154.39

Apple iPad AIR Screen Replacement Cost

DIY Screen Replacement Parts Pricing

iPd AIR From £11.88

iPd AIR 2 From £90

iPd AIR 3 From £127.93

iPd AIR 4 From £119.95

Apple iPad MINI Screen Replacement Cost

DIY Screen Display Replacement Parts Pricing

iPd MINI From £13.95

iPd MINI 2 From £13.95

iPd MINI 3 From £10.80

iPd MINI 4 From £71.94

iPd MINI 5 From £98.40

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