How to Convert Kindle to PDF for Free

How to Convert Kindle to PDF for Free – We cannot deny that Kindle is one of the best electronic book readers, Amazon’s proposal makes use of MOBI and AZW formats. Although these formats are not supported by many devices. 

That is why, if we want to open the book on our computer or mobile device, it is necessary to convert from Kindle to PDF and we have tools, which are free to achieve it.

How to Convert Kindle to PDF for Free

We are going to propose a tool that we will have to download to our computer and two others online, which means that we do not need to download anything.


Caliber allows us to convert Kindle to PDF in a simple way, it even gives us the possibility to read and organize electronic books on different devices. Two very positive things is that it is free and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • We will download and install Caliber.
  • Next, we are going to click on “Add books”.
  • We go to the Kindle book that we want to convert and we will double click on it to add it to Calibre.
  • Then we will select the book and click on “Convert book”.
  • In the drop-down menu, we will have to set PDF as the “Output Format”.

Online Convert

The great advantage of Online Convert is that not only can we use it without downloading anything and it’s free, it also allows us to convert MOBI or AZW files to PDF.

The first thing we will do is go to the website and choose “E-book converter”. Next, we will click on “Select destination format” and we choose “Convert to PDF”, we click on “Go”.

Now we will have to choose the file, we will search for the Kindle book and we will load it. To finish, we simply go to “Start conversion” at the bottom and that’s it.

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You won’t need to download anything with Zamzar either ; It even allows us to convert images, videos, sounds and documents. It has the ability to support more than 1100 file formats. On top of that it is very easy to use.

We go to the website and select “Add files”. Now we are going to select the file that we want to add and we will click on the “Convert to” drop-down menu. We choose the PDF format and click Convert. It only remains to wait a few seconds and download the PDF to save on our device.

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