How to enable/disable closed or subtitles on Peacock

How to enable/disable closed or subtitles on Peacock – When streaming movies or shows, some of them may be difficult to understand at some point. 

Either the movie was originally filmed in a different language, or you have a hard time understanding what the characters are saying due to the use of different techniques.

Includes subtitles or closed captions. These are useful tools that show in written words what the characters are saying. This gives us the opportunity to fully understand the movie or series and not miss the features of the characters.

Peacock refers to his closed captions as subtitles. Users can customize these labels and change the size, color, or font of the labels based on their preferences. To access the setting, go to your account settings or accessibility settings on your device.

How to enable or disable closed captioning or subtitles on Peacock

Windows Manager / Streaming Advisor

  • Launch the Peacock app and select any program or show you want to watch.
  • While playing, press on the remote control and move left until you reach a rectangular icon.
  • Now click OK when it turns yellow. You will be able to see different options.
  • Find subtitles and you can select the subtitles you want or turn them off. If the subtitles do not appear yet, wait a few seconds.

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How to add settings to your subtitles in Peacock

As mentioned above, you can customize your subtitles on Peacock. Your access to these user settings depends on the device you are using.

Via Android devices

  • On any Android device, go to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select Accessibility Settings.
  • Go to the Hearing / Audio section.
  • Click Signatures. Now you can choose your setting.

Via iOS or TVOS

  • Launch your device’s Settings.
  • Click Availability.
  • Go to the Hearing section.
  • Click Subtitles and Titles. Now you can customize your subtitles.
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