How To Fix iPhone App Not Updating Issue?

How To Fix iPhone App Not Updating Issue, The problem of not updating the application on the iPhone is one of the problems that prevents the applications from working stably.

Each developer team releases frequent updates to keep the app running smoothly and adding new features.

These updates are either automatically updated on your iPhone or you have to manually update them yourself.

If this does not happen, the application will not work as it should. We talked about some solution suggestions that you can apply when you encounter such a situation.

iPhone App Won’t Update Problem Solution Suggestions

Check WiFi Network

If you are using your iPhone by connecting to a WiFi network, it is perfectly natural and logical to use this network for application updates. Because some updates are too large, which means unnecessary quota loss for mobile internet. 

But for the update to be healthy, the WiFi connection must work stably. If apps on your iPhone are having problems updating, it could be due to WiFi.

As the simplest solution, turn off your modem within 10-20 seconds and then restart it. Then check if the WiFi is working properly. If it works without problems, you should be able to successfully update the application.

Check Mobile Internet

If you want to use the mobile internet on your iPhone to update applications, you should make sure that this network is stable, just like WiFi. For that, check the network bars in the upper right corner. Note that there must be at least a few network sticks here.

If you encounter network problems on your iPhone, you can open Control Center and enable Airplane Mode. After disabling it after a few minutes, check your connection again.

Disable Low Data Mode

iOS has Low Data Mode to pause automatic updates as well as reduce mobile data usage and background processes. 

If you have Low Data Mode enabled on iPhone, this may affect the app update process. To disable this mode, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone .
  • Tap on Cellular .
  • Now tap on Options at the top of the screen.
  • From here , if Low Data Mode is active (the slider is green) toggle it off.

Disable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode on iPhone temporarily reduces background activities such as downloads and mail fetch until you fully charge your phone. 

When Low Power Mode is enabled on iPhone, you need to avoid updating apps. By following the steps below, you can disable Low Power Mode and ensure stable updates of applications.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and choose Battery from the options .
  • If the Low Power Mode feature at the top of the screen is active, tap it to turn it off.

Check Your iPhone’s Storage

Although 128 GB is used as the minimum storage space in new iPhone models, older iPhones had options such as 32 and 64 GB. 

If your iPhone has one of these low storage areas, you may be running out of storage space behind the update problem. Check here to see which apps are taking up the most space on your iPhone.

On your iPhone , go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage . You can remove irrelevant apps and games to free up space. Once you have about 5-6GB of storage available to you, you can easily update apps on your iPhone.

Check Apple Servers

Maybe you don’t need to panic at all. Because you cannot update the application, there may be a problem with Apple’s servers. 

You can click on the link here to see if such a problem exists and that all Apple’s services are running smoothly . At the beginning of high school, there is the App Store. If the dot next to it is green, it means there is no problem with the servers.

Update iOS Software

From time to time, Apple offers updates to make iPhones work more stable and with new features. If you are doing these updates manually, you should check frequently to see if a new update is available. Follow the Settings > General > Software Update order and provide the necessary control.

Sign Out and Re-enter Your Apple Account

A final method you can use is to log out of your Apple account and log in again. Your Apple account may have encountered a temporary problem for which you do not know the cause. With this method, you can also eliminate the application update problem you are experiencing:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone .
  • Tap your name at the top of the screen and tap Sign Out at the bottom of the screen .

Don’t forget to make a note of your credentials before doing this. After logging out and back in, try to update the app by going to the App Store. We hope any of these methods helped you resolve your issue.

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