How to Get Free Youtube Premium on Discord

How to get Discord free youtube premium? We compile the topic for you. Discord is a platform where broadcasters and gamers can chat with their friends and teams while playing games by voice or message. In the recent months, in the partnership of Discord and Epic Games , which have become popular, free Nitro has been provided to subscribers.

While users who benefit from this service can still use the free Nitro service, another campaign has arrived. Discord gave the news of the free YouTube Premium service that they can use for three months with the notification it sent to Nitro subscribers. We have told you step by step how to use this campaign.

Get Free Youtube Premium

The Discord application has joined the Epic Games Store in the past months. The award given to the users of this partnership was also given a three-month Nitro access code to users who were not previously Nitro subscribers. Discord offers service as before in its agreement with YouTube Premium. If you have a Nitro subscription on Discord, your account is given a gift of three months of YouTube Premium.

Even if you bought Nitro for free from the Epic Games Store, you can benefit from this campaign. In any case, the package of Nitro with a price tag of $ 9.99 must be defined in your account. Otherwise, you cannot benefit from this campaign.

How to Get Free Youtube Premium on Discord?

The first thing you need to do is to log into the account with your Discord Nitro. If you are a Nitro subscriber, you will see a notification during login. Even if you don’t see this notification, it’s okay, follow the steps below:

  • *Enter the user settings section.
  • Select “Gift Inventory” from the Settings section.
  • Here you will view the “YouTube Premium (Quarterly)” gift.
  • Copy the code that will appear after you click “see the code”.
  • Click here to enter YouTube’s code redemption page and paste the code Discord offers you into this section.

People who have previously used YouTube Premium, Music Premium, Play Music subscriptions cannot use this code. When you write the code, you will see an error that you have used it.

You must receive the code by October 30, 2021 at the latest and have it activated by December 1. If you haven’t done so in this process, the code will expire.

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