How To Improved Cover Up Sensitivity No Free Fire 2022

In this article we show in a few steps how to have better sensitivity in the Free Fire game on android to go up the cover. Free Fire is one of the most played games today. Garena’s game attracted a legion of fans around the world. Therefore, a dispute was created in several regions to see who does the best in the game.

But, whoever thinks that to do well in Free Fire and go up the cover is wrong, you just need to spend hours playing. 

To do well in the game beyond strategies, you must have aligned your device settings to achieve better accuracy when shooting, for example. Follow our article that we will show you how to improve your aim and go up cover in free fire performing a basic configuration on your device.

But do you know what it means to go up the cover in Free Fire?

Climbing cover in Free Fire is nothing more than a detailed move, made with speed, agility and precision using the aim of a gun. This play is due to quickly placing the crosshairs on your opponent’s head.

Now that you know the meaning of cover up, let’s show you a cool setting for you to use in your game.

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Set Best Sensitivity For Free Fire Mobile 2022

Check out how to adjust the pointer on your android to gain speed and accuracy when shooting free fire.

Step 1. On your android device click configure .

Step 2. In the search field type the word Mouse and click on Mouse/Trackpad

Step 3. Once that’s done, scroll down and look for and click on Pointer Speed ​​.

Okay, now you can increase the speed and then click ok until you find a balance in the game.

If you have any questions, check out a video we created below where we show how to configure the speed improving the game’s sensitivity.

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