How to get married on Free Fire

he new Free Fire update has a feature that allows “marriage” between two players. See how to get married on Free Fire.

This “Marriage” mode will allow greater affinity between two players and yield extra skins and bonuses. Check out the rewards.

The one that works for characters of any gender. The various rewards and exclusive bonuses are varied skins, badges and special missions .

Players who join the game will be able to accumulate points and send gifts to the partner. Altogether, it will be possible to accumulate 500 points per week.

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– See how to “get married” on Free Fire

To get married on Free Fire it is necessary that the resources are active. It is not yet available.

Step 1. Access the friends tab.

free-fire-like-to-marryfree-fire-like-to-marry-1 How to marry on Free Fire

Step 2. Access the “Contacts Network” option

free-fire-how-to-get-married-2 How to get married on Free Fire

Step 3. Access the wedding option (not yet enabled).

free-fire-how-to-get-married-3 How to get married on Free Fire

The option to get married will appear in the Friends option (top of the screen) and then “Contacts network”. The option is with a letter in the shape of a heart.

By clicking on this option, you can drag one of the people you play the most with to that option.

In doing so, you will have to spend 100 diamonds to be able to make the marriage proposal. The request must be accepted by the other player. The request has a deadline of eight hours. If the other player accepts, you will win a special badge that will be displayed during matches.

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Just as it is possible to get married, it is also possible to ask for a divorce at Free Fire. 🤣

To request a divorce at Free Fire, Garena will not charge you for it (whew). Players can also choose an option under “Network” and remove the person from the “Marriage” option.

However, nothing about getting married and unmarried. According to Garena, after separating, players will only be able to send new marriage requests after 48 hours (2 days).

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