How to Increase Internet Speed ​​on Xiaomi (All Types)

Today we will learn how to increase internet speed on Xiaomi and Redmi phones in a few steps, and learn about the 5 most popular reasons for weak networks.

Smartphones have long been an integral part of everyday life: users can watch movies, communicate on messengers or social networks, visit interesting sites. The main requirement is a fast and high – quality network . 

5 Reasons Why Internet is Slow on Xiaomi

First you need to determine why Internet speed is low on xiaomi before doing How to increase internet speed on Xiaomi. After reviewing the list provided, try to identify the root cause and resolve it.

1: poor coverage

This applies to mobile communications, and in  particular the 4G generation   . Once in a village, forest, or suburb, you may find that the service loads very slowly, or there is no signal at all.

Solution:  switch to 3G (H, H+) and carefully study the coverage map found on the operator’s website. If your location is marked in green, which implies very good network quality, but actually poor speed – contact support. But before that,  consider other causes of slow internet  . Maybe the problem is with the phone software.

2: limited tariff plan

The tariff plan always shows the promised Internet speed, if we talk about Wi-Fi . The provider gives a certain number (for example, 2 Mbit / s), and any deviation from it indicates a problem with the smartphone itself, or an outage on the phone.

In the case of mobile Internet, the package contains icons of supported networks (3G or 4G), as well as the number of megabytes. If they expire, the Internet begins to work much slower, that is, most carriers just transfer you to the old 2G network.

Solution:  make sure to know the speed of the Wi-Fi network. The ideal value is 10 Mbps and above. When using mobile Internet, make sure that the SIM card is capable of working in 4G, and also specify a certain amount of MB / GB, which is free for you for a month.

3: outdated/broken router

You should pay attention to  the Wi  –  Fi router   : how long has it been purchased, what frequency range it supports, does it work properly. Devices purchased more than 5 years ago can no  longer operate at the required speed  .

Solution:  Make sure the router supports the frequency you want and doesn’t need repair. Define the signal area. Good routers (no cheaper than $20-25 dollars) provides a high-quality signal in a four-bedroom apartment.

4: Too Many Apps

Both  clogged RAM and internal storage with multiple apps are affected  . When automatic updates are enabled, new versions of the program and additional materials are continuously downloaded to Google Play. All Internet speed is spent on downloading, as a result of which the user is faced with a slow start of the site.

Phone is overloaded with lots of apps, and RAM and internal memory are full? It will also slow down the internet.

Solution:  turn off automatic updates and update yourself only the add-ons you use regularly. System tool functionality can be stopped. Or delete. Don’t forget to clean your mobile device from junk and viruses.

5: problem on the phone

And the most common situation: at the moment there is a failure / repair on the line. This is especially true for File-Fi networks. If you have carefully checked your device and rates, but have not identified the problem, you  should contact the provider  .

Solution:  File your complaint by phone or email. Keep in mind that in the absence of Internet for several days due to operator error, you have the right not to pay for days of “downtime”.

How to Know Internet Speed ​​on Xiaomi

Let’s start testing the current speed. There are many special apps for this but we will discuss How to increase internet speed on Xiaomi.


An obvious favorite among users is the Speedtest.net tool   . It’s a free app with an intuitive interface and just the options you need. It can measure Wai-Fai speed and mobile network speed. Let’s start with the wireless LAN test.

  1. Download the program from Google Play and launch it.
  2. We provide the necessary permissions, put a check mark next to the user agreement and click  “Start”  .
  3. We observe the speed measurement process in real time. When the calculation is complete, the  result will be displayed on the screen  (for example, 5 megabits per second).

When measuring, Wi-Fi must be connected! If the router is currently disabled, or the Internet is not working, the speed calculation will not occur.

A good alternative is an add-on called  Simple  Speedcheck  . The program is made in blue and white, the interface is simple, and the measurement and display of speed takes a matter of minutes. As a result, you will get  download speed, upload speed and ping value  .

Mobile network

For mobile Internet, the same application is used for Wi-Fi. Just  make sure to switch to your mobile carrier and turn off WLAN  . Find out the speed using Speedtest.net:

  1. We go into the application;
  2. Click “Start”;
  3. We are waiting for the end of the check;
  4. We see the result (loading and uploading).

Constant network monitoring

Do you want to keep monitoring the internet? It is very possible. To enable speed display on the main screen, you need to use a special tool –  “Network Monitor”  . Let’s tell you more about it.

1  : download the app from Google Play and install it in the standard way. We open it.

2  : click on the inscription:  “Overlay over another window  . ”  In “Settings” you must enable the display of the program interface on the desktop. Move the slider to “On” mode   .

3  : return to the application. We see a line telling us that the permission has been issued successfully. Click  the green arrow  .

4  : Next, we issue a second permission to access the usage history. We select  “Network Monitoring”  –  “Enable”  .

5  : configure monitoring view. A rather large list with flexible settings is offered, thanks to which the user can specify the location of the counter on the screen, units of measurement and so on. We return to the main screen and see a line with speed tracking. Ready.

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How to Speed ​​up Internet and Wi-Fi on Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Now let’s start How to increase internet speed on Xiaomi. Below you will find an easy way and a somewhat complicated way that requires root privileges.

Change mobile network settings

In order for the Internet to work at maximum speed,  you need to set the best type of network  . For urban users it is  4G LTE  , for villagers –  3G  . If you believe your area has 4G coverage, don’t hesitate to choose this generation. This requires:

  1. Go to  “Settings”  and find the “ SIM card  and mobile network ”  section   ;
  2. Choose a SIM card with a cellular network.
  3. Click on the tab  “Preferred network type”  ;
  4. Specify  4  G  or 3  G  . Do not choose 2G: this option is not at all suitable for high-speed Internet.

You can also make detailed network settings. That is, changing the access point, channel, and authentication type. Go to  “Settings”  – “  SIM card and mobile networks” “  , and click on the specific SIM card connected. Now we select the APN access point and create a new one or modify the existing one.

For Russian customers:

  • Megaphone  . Change the APN (access point) to megafon.ru , set the channel to LTE, authentication type – PAP.
  • Go straight to  . APN – beeline.ru , LTE channel, authentication type – PAP.
  • MTs  . APN – mts.ru , LTE channel, authentication type – PAP.
  • Yota  . APN – yota.ru , type IMSI (not MVNO).
  • Tele2  . APN – tele2.ru , LTE channel, authentication type – PAP.
  • Kyivstar  . Change the APN (access point) to ab.kyivstar.net (if you are not a contract customer), or to www.kyivstar.net (if contact), the access point type is internet.
  • Vodafone  . APN – internet , MCC – 255, MNC – 01, APN type – default, supl.
  • L ifecell  . Change APN (access point) to internet , access point type – internet.

Remove traffic consuming apps

The MIUI firmware has a lot of pre-installed tools and services that users don’t need, but they actively consume traffic. There are two ways out in this situation:  stop the app and remove it completely  . The first option is simple and fast:

  1. Go to “Settings” – “Applications”;
  2. At the top, select the tab “System apps;
  3. We click on a specific program. A page with expanded information will open. Click “Stop”;
  4. We agree with the caveat that disabling some services will have a negative impact on the operation of the operating system.

Please note that not all default apps can be terminated.

If a complete deletion is required, use our article on this topic (this method is relevant in 2019).

You can also prevent apps from eating traffic. This is done in the “Security” tool   . Go to  “Traffic”  and uncheck programs that shouldn’t use cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Internet Speed ​​Master (Root) Application

A simple utility to speed up mobile internet and Wi-Fi instantly on Xiaomi. The only requirement is  Superuser mode on the phone  . If the device is not rooted, the program will only perform a slight acceleration.

For phones with root : download Internet Speed ​​​​Master from Google Play, install and open it. The utility immediately asks for root access. Click  “Setup”  . In the next window, select  “Apply Patch”  . The smartphone restarts and the internet should now work faster.

For phones without root: we answered  “Deny  ” to the request for privileges. We click on one active button  “Boost Internet Connection”  , after we restart the operating system. Internet speed will increase slightly.

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Internet Booster App

A similar add-on that works with both rooted and conventional devices. You need to install the app, log into it, grant it root rights (or not), and  click the big red button  . Boosting your Internet connection will begin.

This type of utility works, but  don’t expect great results  . Yes, the page will load faster, but if the smartphone is clogged with energy-consuming games and tools, and the tariff plan itself does not imply high-speed Internet, nothing will work.

Follow the first steps first, such as setting up a mobile network and removing unnecessary material, and only then proceed to specialized software.

Using the Opera Mini browser

This browser is specifically targeted at mobile devices with low memory size, weak processors or limited internet. Users can  adjust traffic limits and keep track of them  .

In addition,  Opera  Mini  compresses all the material on the page  , be it images, text, or videos. Of course, the quality will drop a bit, but you’ll save a lot of megabytes. You can find out how much traffic you have saved through a special tool in the form of a red circle.

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