How To Install CS 1.6 on Windows 8

How To Install CS 1.6 on Windows 8 – Today I will share about how to install Counter Strike on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. The Counter Strike that I installed is a Russian counter strike or commonly known as Russian Counter Strike.  

This Russian counter-strike file has a size of 270 , 374 Kb or about 2.7 MB, for the specifications of the computer used to install this counter strike, it is not so high, it can be used for a Pentium 4 class computer , but I think it’s better to use Intel Core 2.

How To Install CS 1.6 on Windows 8

1.Open the file that you downloaded earlier, then press 2 times 

2. Then select the counter-strike language English, Russian, or Ukrainian

3. The Counter-Strike that I installed is Counter-Strike 1.6 Russian (Counter-Strike in Russian), Then press the NEXT

4. Then choose where you want to save the Counter-Strike 1.6 Russia file , I will save it by default, which is  C:\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6 Russian butcher , then press the Next button

6. Then press the Install button

Wait until the Installation Process is Complete

If the installation process is complete, press the Finish button

If you want to enter, surely you will be confused about where the start button is , press the red button (See the one I marked with the arrow).

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