How To Install Foxpro 2.6 in Windows XP

How To Install Foxpro 2.6 in Windows XP – I used FoxPro 2.6 for Windows to construct a number of databases and FoxPro applications on my Win98 machine in the past.

I now have a machine with Windows XP Home Edition installed. When I tried to install FoxPro 2.6 for Windows on my XP PC (from floppies), I double-clicked on the first floppy in Windows Explorer and then ran Setup.exe from Start/Run/Setup.exe.

There was a brief apparition of an hourglass on the screen in both cases, followed by nothing. When I looked at the Windows Task Manager, I couldn’t see any application or process that had anything to do with FoxPro or its installation.

Am I doomed in this endeavor?

How To Install Foxpro 2.6 in Windows XP

I haven’t tried installing in a while; just copy it from you rwin98 machine…

Also, if the processor speed is greater than 133 MHZ on the XP machine, you
need to apply this patch to after installing the FPW 2.6 on he machine.

240982 PATCH: Patch_26.exe Fixes Divide by Zero Error on Fast Computers;EN-US;240982

When you start to install the application just windowed it, press alt +
intro to make it to run in window mode not in full screen ms-dos

I am running FoxPro 2.6 perfectly in Xp and 2000 but I have copied the
installation that I did in 98 or so on and put the directory on the path

What is the best way to run FoxPro on Windows 64 bit?

Steps: Download and install DOSBox — this is a DOS emulator that allows you to run any DOS application. Create a folder in D drive called ‘DOSBOX’ to mount as a drive in DOS. (Download the foxpro installation package folder and place it in the DOSBOX folder. Start DOSBox.

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