How to log in to multiple Facebook accounts on mobile

Actually, how to logging in to multiple Facebook accounts at once is too easy to achieve. In this article we are going to see all the options we have to be able to get it on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows.

How to log in to multiple Facebook accounts on mobile

Certainly, logging into multiple accounts is not complicated at all, what we must understand is that the official Facebook application does not allow multiple accounts to be logged in at the same time. What we can do is log in with several accounts and exchange them. Which means logging out of one to log in to another.

If this is not what we need, then we will proceed with this simple guide that you will understand pretty quickly. The secret is in using different applications. For this we have a variety of very interesting options.

On Android we can open an account from the official Facebook app for Android and iOS and another from the light version of Facebook Lite, this last app is not available for iOS devices (iPhone). However, we can open more accounts and this would apply to iOS.

How to log in to multiple Facebook accounts on mobile

The idea will be to open Chrome or Safari, depending on the operating system. We enter the official Facebook website and log in. If we want to have another account, we can open the browser in incognito mode and we will also open another account.

In case we want to open any more, we can install another web browser and proceed to do the same.

If we use Android through official applications we can open two accounts at the same time, adding the two accounts that Chrome will allow us to open. On iPhone we can open an account in the official application and two others in Safari.

Open multiple accounts on Windows, Mac, or Linux

On desktop computers it is more of the same, we could even say that it is much simpler. From the Windows Store we can download the official Facebook app, open an account in Google Chrome, another in Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera; even in the DuckDuckGo browser.

How to log in to multiple Facebook accounts on mobile

This is something we can do on all three operating systems. It is a matter of having several web browsers and, if your OS allows it, the official application of the social network installed.

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