How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

How To Move Data From Android To iPhone – Want to move data from an Android device to an iPhone but are unsure how? This article includes a number of simple procedures that will enable you to quickly transfer data from an Android device to an iPhone. It supports the iOS 14 and iOS 16 operating systems as well as all iPhone and iPad devices.

With Apple’s Move to iOS app, transferring your images, contacts, calendars, and accounts from your old Android phone or tablet to your new iPhone or iPad is simpler than ever.

The first Android app from Apple transfers all of your data between your old Android and new Apple device through a direct Wi-Fi connection. However, bear in mind that only iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or higher may receive data transfers from Android phones and tablets. You won’t have any issues if you own a new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A lot of your data is transferred when you go from an Android app to an iOS one, but your applications, music, and passwords are not included since they are incompatible.

How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

Apple created the Move to iOS software to assist consumers who make the transfer from an Android handset to an iPhone, much like how Samsung created the Smart Switch for people switching to the Galaxy.

However, several individuals complained that it takes a lot of time and occasionally doesn’t function. If you run into this problem, just try the alternative solutions described in this tutorial. Prior to beginning:

  • Ensure that Android 4.0 or later is installed on your Android device. 
  • Contacts, messages, camera images and videos, mail accounts, and calendars may all be transferred when switching to iOS. 
  • The purchased apps will be added to the user’s iTunes wish list, while the free apps used on Android will be recommended as downloads on the App Store. 
  • If you’ve already set up your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to restart it. 

Let’s check out how to use Move to iOS to convert from an Android to an iPhone now:

  • Up until the “Apps & Data” page during setup, configure your iPhone. 
  • Decide on “Move Data from Android.” 
  • Go to the “Google Play Store” on your Android phone. 
  • The Move to iOS app may be downloaded and installed. 
  • On your iPhone and Android devices, tap “Continue.” 
  • On your Android phone, tap “Agree” and then “Next.” 
  • On your Android phone, enter the 10-or 12-digit code seen on the iPhone. 
  • Then, an exclusive Wi-Fi network on your Android phone will link up with your iPhone. 
  • Choose the Android data you wish to transfer. 
  • The “Next” button should be tapped to begin transferring data from Android to iPhone. 
  • Your Android smartphone should display “Done.” 
  • On your device, select “Continue.” 
  • Set up and activate your iPhone or iPad by going through the on-screen instructions.

If you have a lot of data you wish to transmit, this approach can take a while for you. So, what is the quickest method for moving data from an Android device to an iPhone? The quick and simple method described here can help you move everything from an Android handset to an iPhone. Let’s see how it functions.

Using AnyTrans, move data from an Android device to an iPhone

AnyTrans can assist you if using the Move to iOS procedure is simply too time-consuming or if you are having issues with the data not correctly transferring.

It’s free and easy to use AnyTrans on a Mac or Windows computer:

  • Open AnyTrans on your PC, then attach your iPhone and Android devices using USB.
  • Click on Phone to iPhone under Phone Switcher in the left-hand side.
  • Click Next to proceed after choosing your source device and destination device.
  • To transfer files from Android to iPhone, click Next.

As you can see, using AnyTrans instead of Move to iOS to move data from Android to an iPhone is significantly quicker and easier. But aside from merely being speedier, there are other advantages to take into account.

For instance, AnyTrans supports all Android devices, works with your iPhone 14, whether it has been set up or not, and covers the majority of data formats on Android phones. Additionally, as AnyTrans may automatically skip duplicate material, your iPhone 14’s existing data won’t be deleted. In a similar vein, any albums you have on your Android phone will continue to exist even after being moved to your iPhone.

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