How To Record Phone Calls on Android

How To Record Phone Calls on Android – There may be times when you need to record a call, like when you’re on an important work call with someone. Recording it is easier than trying to remember all the details later.

Even though Android phones don’t have this feature built in, you can use Google Voice or an external recording device to do the job.

As of May 11, 2022, you will no longer be able to use third-party apps to record calls. This is because Google recently changed its Google Play policy to ban call recording apps from the Play Store.

It’s important to remember that there are both federal and state laws against recording phone calls, so make sure you have permission before you start.

Once the other person has given you permission to record the call, our helpful guide will show you how to record a phone call on an Android device. Do you use an iPhone? Check out our guide to learn how to record iPhone phone calls.

Using the Google Phone app on your Android to record a call

The Google Phone app lets you record calls right in the app. But having the app doesn’t mean you can record calls just because you have it. Here are the things you need to do to qualify.

  • Your Android device must use Android 9 or later.
  • You need to be using the most recent version of Google’s Phone app.
  • You must be in a place where recording calls is possible.
  • Your phone company must let you record calls.

How to use Google’s Phone app to record a call

Once you’ve made sure your Android OS and Google Phone app are up-to-date and that your carrier and location support call recording, it’s easy to use the Phone app to record a call, and Google will let everyone on the call know that it’s being recorded. This is how:

  • On your Android device, open the Google Phone app.
  • Start the call you want to record or answer it.
  • Tap Record on the call screen.
  • Tap Stop recording when you’re ready to stop the recording.
  • To find the recording in the Phone app, tap Recents if it was the most recent call, or tap History to see a list of all recorded calls that have been saved.

You can’t use the Phone app to record an ongoing phone call. But you can record the settings for the Phone app so that it automatically records and stores up to a certain number of calls.

How To Record Phone Calls on Android

Limitations on Recording on Android

Google has never really liked call-recording apps for Android, at least not ones made by other companies. With Android 9, the company made changes that stopped many apps from being able to record your phone calls. The apps seemed to work, but when you played back the recording, you would only hear silence or your side of the conversation.

With Android 10, Google made it harder for these kinds of apps by making it impossible to record calls using the microphone. As a result, many app developers started using the Accessibility Service in Android to record phone calls. But in April 2022, Google changed its developer policy to say that apps in the Play Store could not use the accessibility service to record calls. On May 11, 2022, that rule went into effect.

The company has even said that recording phone calls is a form of spyware.

Google’s developer policy says, “Behaviors that could be seen as spying on the user can also be marked as spyware.” “For example, they could record audio, record phone calls, or steal app data.”

People used to be able to get around Google’s block by changing the audio source or format, making the speaker volume as loud as possible, recording manually instead of automatically, or even rooting their phones. Since then, some people have started sideloading call-recording apps using an APK file instead of downloading them from Google Play.

The version of Android on your phone also has something to do with all of this. Apps on devices with Android 9 or earlier should still be able to record phone calls without running into Google’s new rules. But Google’s new policy could make it hard for apps on phones with Android 10 or higher to use the accessibility service.

A Question of Right and Wrong

Assuming you can find a call-recording app that works, is it legal to record a phone call, even if you don’t get permission from the other person? Where you live changes the answer. The US federal government and most state governments let people record phone calls if only one person gives permission, which can be you. In some states, though, both parties have to agree to be recorded.

Other countries, of course, have their own laws. Before you record the call, ask the other person if you can. This will protect you legally. With all of those limits, restrictions, and problems out in the open, here are some apps that may or may not be able to record your Android phone conversations.

Google Phone

The Google Phone app(Opens in a new window) lets you record calls, but only under certain circumstances. The app must already be on your phone when you get the most recent update. You need Android 9 or a higher version. And most importantly, your area, carrier, and device all have to support it. This rules out a lot of phones and places.

Make sure that the app on your phone is Phone by Google and not, for example, Samsung’s Phone app. If you have the right app, open it, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and choose Settings. Tap Call Recording to set up how you want to record calls. If the Call Recording option isn’t there, you can’t use the app to record calls on your phone.

If you have the Call Recording option, tap the Record button the next time you want to record a call. Tap the Stop Recording button when you’re done. You can find the recording in the Phone app’s Recents section. Tap the name of the caller you recorded, choose the recording from the list of calls, and then tap Play.

Google Voice

With Google Voice (Opens in a new window), you can pick a dedicated phone number that forwards calls to your cell phone. After you’ve set up your phone number and Google Voice account, tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the app. To record calls, go to Settings and turn on the switch for “Incoming call options.”

The only thing you can record here is calls that come in. Press the number 4 on the keypad when you answer the phone to record the conversation. A message will let the other person know that the call is being recorded, so make sure to get their permission first. Press 4 on the keypad again to stop recording. The recording is saved in your email inbox, where you can listen to it or download it to your computer.

Automatic Recorder of Calls

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple app for recording calls that works well. Open the app and give it the permissions it needs to record audio, access your contacts, make and manage phone calls, and access your photos and other media. The app then tells you that new restrictions on Google Play mean that future versions downloaded from the store might not work on this device anymore if you want to record calls.

You’ll need to turn on the accessibility service on devices with Android 10 or later. Tap the button that says “On.” Tap Call Recorder under Downloaded apps on the Accessibility settings screen and turn on the Use Call Recorder switch. Give the app full control of your device, which means it can see and change what’s on the screen, as well as see and do certain things. Then go back to the show.

You’ll need to set up the app in the Settings menu before you can record anything. Here, you can choose to record both incoming and outgoing calls automatically or not. You can also choose to only record some contacts. Make sure to turn on the recording volume and turn up the volume in the Recording section. You can also set your phone to start recording when you shake it.

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