4 How To Recover Deleted Contacts from Xiaomi

What to do if contacts are lost on Xiaomi. In this article, we will share tips on how to recover a deleted contact on all types of xiaomi.

Undoubtedly, sooner or later, every owner of a mobile phone, including Xiaomi, is faced with the problem of deleting or losing contacts from the phone book or from the SIM card. 

I myself encountered this problem when, after updating the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, the contacts disappeared, although I did not delete them from the phone.

Because of what contacts can be lost on Xiaomi

The most common reason for losing contacts is  self-deletion by the user  . Yes, you won’t delete all numbers by mistake, but you can accidentally delete certain subscribers.

Then there are viruses and all sorts of unsafe programs. Malicious apps often steal personal information by deleting it from the device. Therefore, never download material from unknown sources and do not neglect the use of antivirus applications.

Suggestion: if you don’t want to lose all data, make sure to backup and sync with your Mi account.

4 How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Xiaomi

Below I will tell you about 4 proven and working how to recover deleted contact on Xiaomi phones.

Through Mi Cloud

To restore contacts on Xiaomi, you can use the easiest way in MIUI – Mi Cloud cloud storage. Personal information is synced with the account, and in case of various problems, all data (  photos, contacts, notes, and voice recordings  ) can be easily recovered.

  1. We go to  the official website of Mi Cloud cloud storage  – i.mi.com, where we click on the white button “  Sign in with Mi account  ”. Mi Cloud Homepage
  2. Enter the data from the Mi-account, namely the email address/phone number and password. We carefully checked everything and tapped  “Login”  .Authorize
  3. We go into the repository and pay attention to the “Contact” section   . We visited it. Item “Contact”
  4. The list of current customers is displayed, and just below the “Restore contacts” icon is  located  . After clicking this tab, an area for recovering numbers appears on the right side of the page. Just drag the slider, indicate the desired time duration, and click  “Restore”  . The necessary contacts will be restored within a minute  and will appear on the phone.Recover contacts

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Using Google account

How to recover Deleted Contacts on Xiaomi is similar, which  will be relevant if there is no Mi account  . Almost every Xiaomi user has Google services installed, so there should be no problem.

To turn the box around, we again need access to a computer and the Internet.

  1. We go to  the Google Contacts website  , log in to your account.
  2. In the upper left corner, look at the menu image. We open it and in the new list we tap on  “More”  –  “Undo changes”  . We indicate the time when the contact was deleted. Could be 10 minutes or two weeks ago. We confirm the action.

Recovery is  only  possible  within 30 days  . Later, you will not be able to get your lost number back through Google services.

EaseUS data (via computer)

Very good and easy  to use application to help users recover deleted contact on xiaomi and important data. 

There is a free and licensed version, but it is not necessary. The only difference is the amount of information recovered. The free program will allow you to restore  only 10 files  at a time. 

This is enough for contacts, because all the numbers will be displayed on the screen, and you can simply write them down.

  1. Download the tool from the official developer website easeus.com, and meanwhile, connect your phone via USB to your computer. Install and run the program. US data will automatically detect the smartphone  . If this does not happen, check the USB connector and cable.
  2. Then click  “Start”  . The scanning process will begin, on average from one minute to ten, depending on the amount of information. After that,  pay attention to the left side of the page  , where different types of data are distributed according to points.
  3. We need the “Contacts” tab   first. Here the numbers that are on the smartphone are marked in black, and  those that are deleted are marked in orange  . We mark the required customers with a checkbox and restore via the “Restore” button   . We memorize the rest, take pictures or write, because  the free version does not allow the creation of VCF files .

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Undeleter Pro (by phone)

If you don’t have access to a computer and want to restore deleted contacts on xiaomi as quickly as possible,  use an Android application called Undeleter Pro  .

This tool is downloaded from Google Play absolutely free and installed in a standard way. Not only the internal memory is scanned for lost material, but also external drives.

In addition, you can restore various types of information: photos, audio, documents and, of course, contacts. Therefore,  Undeleter is a great free application  that every user will surely find useful.

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