How to speed up a slow iPhone

  • It is irrefutable that iPhones tend to age better than Android terminals and, however, the passage of time also penalizes the operation of Apple phones, so we can notice them slow
  • Even so, there are many small procedures that we forget on a day-to-day basis and that can help when thinking about improving the performance of an iPhone, or considering if it is time to change it.

While it is true that we all have in mind the possibility of finding ourselves with an Android mobile that is too slow , probably most of us would believe that this is not a problem that Apple iPhones suffer from. 

A few examples are enough to make it clear that these devices can also suffer from these failures. Eventually, if your Californian’s phone takes too long to respond, or doesn’t even respond at all, you better keep reading to discover how to speed up a slow iPhone in just a few steps.

The fact is that you don’t necessarily have to sell your iPhone from a couple of seasons ago to buy another one, but many times the answer is in small tweaks in its Settings, to improve performance. 

To make the best possible decision, and check if it is irreversible aging, or if there are still things left to give, you have to carry out a set of steps that we are going to teach you below.

What causes a slow iPhone?

The reasons why an iPhone can run slow are varied but, in general, they have to do with time. 

Indeed, those hardware elements that at the time represented the forefront of the sector are slowly beginning to get a little old, and that makes it difficult for them to respond to the new demands of the market .

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