iPhone 12 Mini connects to the internet very slowly problem

Slow connection to the Internet is a common problem, but often has no serious cause. You can often fix slow internet connection problem with a few simple actions. 

Sometimes the source of this problem can be your internet service provider. In such cases, unfortunately, the only thing you can do is contact the place where you bought your internet (mobile operator for cellular data, internet service provider for wireless connection). 

However, this process will be somewhat difficult and long. It would be wiser to try the things you can do with your phone before trying this process. Here are our suggestions for solving the iPhone 12 Mini slow connection to the internet problem:

How to fix iPhone 12 Mini internet connection problem?

The solutions we will suggest apply to all iPhones, not just the iPhone 12 Mini. You can also try these methods if you are having internet connection problems on a different iPhone model .

1. Turn your iPhone and modem off and on.

If the wireless modems are always on, the quality of the internet connection decreases after a while. There may be disconnections or slowdowns in the connection. If the slow internet connection you’re complaining about is coming from the wireless modem, turn it off. Wait 10 seconds. Open it again. Reset your iPhone as well. This process is called a hard reset. Check out our guide if you don’t know how:

Software crashes that can also happen on iPhones can cause slow internet connection. When you turn it off and on, software errors are also fixed.

2. Forget the wireless connection and reconnect.

  1. Open the Settings  app on your iPhone  .
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi.
  3. From here you should see your modem. Tap the letter i next to your  modem  .
  4. On the screen  that comes up , there is the text Forget This Network  . Tap this.
  5. Confirm the operation by tapping on the place that says Forget  on the screen that opens  .

At the end of this process, your iPhone will forget the Wi-Fi password of the modem being processed. You should now be connected to the same modem again. This time you will be asked for the Wi-Fi password. You will need to enter this password.

3. Reset your iPhone’s network connection.

If the problem is not resolved in the first step, proceed to this step. In this step you should reset your iPhone Mini’s network connection. For information about resetting network connection on iPhones, you can check our guide:

4. Get help from someone else.

If the above steps do not fix the iPhone 12 Mini internet connection problem , the source of the problem may be in different places.

  • There may be a problem with your iPhone’s modem integration and other hardware. You have to contact the services for the solution.
  • If the connection problem is in the cellular connection, the problem may be with your Turkcell etc. operator. You should contact them for a solution.
  • There may be a problem with your modem. You should experiment with different modems.

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