New iPhone Emojis Users Have Been Announced

New iPhone Emojis – With the release of the first test version of iOS 15.4 and its other operating systems , Apple has shown that it will implement many new emojis .

This is Emoji 14.0 , which includes 37 new emojis and 75 new skin tone variations, resulting in 112 additions. These emojis, it’s worth noting, were announced late last year .

As reported by Emojipedia , among the additions of the time we have: melted face, in greeting, with peeking eye, face with diagonal mouth, eyes watering, face with dotted line, and an update to the face covering the mouth emoji that previously had eyes open.

New iPhone Emojis users with iOS 14.5

New iPhone Emojis

iPhone users will have Emoji version 13.1 with the new update. Users can now see scruffy male and female emojis. Of course, they will also have different color options. 

New iPhone Emojis

Apple will also offer its users a breathing face, a new face with spiral eyes, and a new smiley emoji. 

Wrapped heart and burning heart

New iPhone Emojis

With the iOS 14.5 update, two new heart emojis are offered to users. The first of these appears as a burning heart; another is the wrapped heart.

Updated headphone emoji

New iPhone Emojis

With the new update, Apple will also offer iPhone users the renewed headphone emoji. In this context, access to New iPhone Emojis similar to AirPods Max will be available.

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Emoji variety is growing

New New iPhone Emojis include melting, saluting, and cross-mouthed face, while there are also a few new lip-biting hand emojis and various objects.

The new New iPhone Emojis with iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, and Mac computers with macOS Monterey 12.3. The updates, which have yet to be released in the first developer beta versions, are expected to be available in the coming months.

In the newly released iOS 15.4, currently in the hands of testers, the Apple finally supported the new emojis of the new Unicode 14 standard . To the already huge catalogue, 42 figurines were added, including variations of already known reactions, such as the “handshake”, now with different skin colors.

The addition was discovered yesterday (27), shortly after the system’s debut in the Apple Beta Software Program. New stickers include “Face Melting”, “Greeting”, “Snooping”, “Hand Down”, “Heart with Fingers”, “Heart with Hand”, “X-Ray” and “Crutch”.

Now, these emojis can be used at least in iMessage in conversations with other users of iPhone. No WhatsApp, however, these expressions are not yet available, as they are not yet supported in the messenger.

In addition to the New iPhone Emojis, iOS 15.4 introduced Face ID support for masks (no need for a Apple Watch). The novelty meets the need to unlock the cell phone in public environments, where taking off the mask is not advised.

For now, there is no forecast for the release of iOS 15.4 to the general public. If the tests go well and the new features don’t have any issues, it will be a short time before everyone can try the update.

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