8 Best Real life Simulation Games (2021)

Best life Simulation Games – Looking for fun for long hours and an escape from everyday life? There is nothing better than virtual life games , if you think that the only life simulator is The Sims, you cannot be more mistaken, there are dozens of different variants, with their own nuances and characteristics.

Stay with us to see our TOP of the seven best games we’ve tried and liked.

Best Virtual life Games 2021

The Sims 4

Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

This successful game was at the top of the list. It is a very complete, friendly, fun, innovative, attractive and very real title that allows you to not only control your Sim, but create your own home and decorate it to your liking.

The Sims 4 already has eight expansions. You read that right, there are eight packages with a wide variety of options and content.

It went from being a simple virtual reality game to becoming a classic model for the genre

Its graphics and its rich ecosystem that contains all the elements you can expect, won the hearts of fans: Personalization for characters, houses, furniture and accessories, a unique emotions system in which you need to manage your characters’ mental state well.

Another addition is that you can use Sims 4 mods to make the game even more fun.

Second Life

Platforms: PC

Considered for its various content options, such as “The Sims online”, Second Life has nothing to envy the famous game, it has all the basic elements of the genre.

You have many customization options, characters, places to visit, mini-games, landscapes and missions.

Second life also acts as a kind of social network for virtual simulators. There is a very large community that makes a living in this virtual ecosystem. S want to enjoy the same quality of The Sims, but online. Second life will always be a good option.

The life of Avakin

Plataformas: PC, Android e iOS

This game is available for PC and Android.

It is a title aimed at social interaction, as it has an important weight within the dynamics of the game. It is very similar to Second Life, only here you can compete to see who has the best residence.

Avakin Life is constantly receiving updates that add items and improvements to the home decor.

Virtual Families 2

Plataformas: PC, Android e iOS

Virtual Families 2 is a real-life simulation game in which the family is also included. Although almost all simulation games are compared to The Sims, each has characteristics that differentiate them, for example, e n Virtual Families 2 time passes based on real time.

Although this seems to be a very simple version, it also includes customization options, objects, possibilities for a normal life with work and daily activities.


Plataformas: PC, Android e iOS

Habbo includes some virtual simulations, but it also focuses on interacting with other players through avatars , as well as a table of achievements in the best RPG style.

The game takes place on the premises of a hotel, and your goal is to create rooms, create your personalized character, develop your own games and perform various activities.

The Sims Movile

Platforms: Android and iOS

Whoever was not tempted to have The Sims on their smartphone, throw the first stone.

It’s no secret that this fun game is so addictive that we would all like to be able to play it wherever we are.

This version is much more basic, but here you can have up to four Sims with their respective children, an expandable house and five environments: home, work, center, market square and coast Not bad!


Plataformas: PC, Android e iOS

Woozworld is a very complete game, which although it is a little different from the typical avatar that builds your house and looks for a job, has a very interesting proposal. 

Here everything revolves around fashion and players must socialize, organize parties, participate in games and contests. Either way, the graphics are beautiful enough for you to try.

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The street of the house

Platforms: Android and iOS

Yes, you were right, you can do practically everything you can do at The Sims: create your avatar, personalize it, build a house, decorate it, work, start a family, among other things

The graphics are quite simple, but if you are looking for something that is not heavy and allows you to simulate real life, Street home is a good option.

Our TOP got to that point, there are many other virtual games in life , but these are the ones that we really liked and that had something different to tell. Will you stick with the classic Sims style? Or you will go for something truly social like Second Life.

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