What Will Valorant 2021 Updates Offer To Gamers?

Valorant 2021 updates are curious by players. In the game, which was released as of June last year; developer studio Riot Games is trying to respond to the demands of the players in the best way with many updates and balances. The updates and contents offered by the developer studio to this day have managed to delight the audience of the game. However, there are many details that Valorant players expect to come to the game in the new year.

Smurf Accounts and Game Quit before the Match is Complete

In the current situation, the most complained issue by Valorant players is the players who exit before the match is completed. This problem, which is seen in almost every online game, has become a much bigger problem in Valorant. Especially in recent times, players have become normal to complete the match with less than ten players.

In this context, Valorant players point out that there may be stricter penalties after leaving the match or longer waiting times to enter a new match. Also, although various steps have been taken regarding smurf accounts, players still complain about this. Therefore, within the scope of Valorant 2021 updates, these two main problems are expected to be resolved.

More Maps and Playable Characters

The two most important elements that the Valorant mass expects in the new year; new agents and playable maps. Within the scope of the previously announced content plan for the game, the future of new maps and characters was announced with the new episodes to be released. The closest of these updates will be on January 12th. Players are demanding that new content of this genre is persistent. Because in this way, the content in the game can be constantly renewed and interest can be maintained.

What Happened in Icebox Not Happening Again

The addition of new agents to the game is exciting. However, while doing this, it is vital to be able to maintain balance in competitive online games. Riot Games has always been able to maintain this balance on the LoL side. Therefore, players expect the same performance on Valorant. In addition, they expect that the developments with the release of the Icebox map will not occur in the new maps.

More Content for Game Story

Valorant has a very interesting story. However, not enough content for the Lore of the game has been provided by the developer studio so far. Since the game’s release, details of the world have remained fairly basic. Therefore, Valorant players expect more content about the world the game takes place and the characters in the story. In light of all these expectations, Valorant Part 2 will arrive on January 12th. Thus, players will be able to see the new map, new agent and new developments in the story early in the new year.

New Agent to be Added to the Game in Valorant 2021 Updates: Yoru

The first update within the scope of Valorant 2021 updates will be released on January 12th. In the new update, a video containing the features of the agent expected to be added to the game was leaked on Reddit. Although the details of the new playable character have not been officially shared by Riot Games, it seems to have fallen on the internet. 

According to this information, the new agenda; There will be abilities that will create strategic diversity, such as teleporting, invisible, and the ability to shoot Flash. Images and a video of this agent, which will be added with the January 12 update, are on the relevant page. The comments made by the Valorant players on the page where the sharing is located, it seems that the new character that is likely to be added excites the players. With the announcement of information about the new agent by Riot Games in the following days,

With its release, Valorant, which brought a new breath to the field of competitive FPS games and made a difference with its structure that includes the mechanics of more than one game, aims to adapt to the demands and expectations of its mass in 2021.

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