Top 12 XML Exporters! (High Profit Rate!)

There are many ways to start e-commerce, one of the most preferred methods is Dropshipping or dropshipping. Dropshipping method allows you to make a strong start to e-commerce with very little capital. 

The companies that provide the best XML are necessary for you to have a high sales volume and to have a smooth process with professional support.

Dropshipping method is the most popular e-commerce method in recent years. It is also possible to say that it is the first choice of those who want to enter e-commerce with zero capital in a short time. 

When choosing the best XML companies, you should pay attention to issues such as industry, customer base and commission rates. In this way, it becomes easy for you to benefit from the high profit volume. Let’s take a look at the best!

Top 12 XML Exporters

Companies that export XML can be used for clothing, cosmetics, electronics, mother & baby etc. It can happen in many industries. 

The issue you need to pay attention to here is to choose according to your knowledge and interests. 

At the same time, the commission and customer satisfaction rate of the XML issuer are among the most important issues. Here are the best XML companies that you can choose with confidence!


If you are looking for a company that provides clothing XML, you can choose Lafaba. Lafaba provides service in the field of women’s and men’s clothing. If you communicate, you can get a response within about 48 hours. 

In addition, it is possible to say that it provides customer confidence with fast shipping and good price advantage. Quality and professional product photos will also help your website to have a stylish design.


One of the most successful names in phone sales is Genpa. It can also be used for tablets, headphones, chargers, smart watches, etc. It also sells in the fields. Genpa, which has been serving safely in the sector for many years, takes its place in the list of companies that provide XML. 

With Genpa XML integration, you can make instant stock or price updates. Genpa, which has an easy and convenient system, delivers to every point of Turkey within 1-3 business days. In this way, you can offer your customers the advantage of fast shipping.

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Yokyok, which has managed to stand out among the biggest and best XML exporters, offers professional support. 

Thanks to Yokyok XML, you can get a complete performance in every field from SEO studies to product images. In addition, cargo delivered until 17:00 are sent on the same day. 

Yokyok, one of the companies that provide XML for women’s clothing, has gained the satisfaction of its business partners with the support it provides before and after sales. It will also make it easier for you to achieve success with advantages such as online sales training and Whatsapp question group.

Edip Clock

Established in 1972, Edip Saat is one of the best XML exporters. It offers a wide selection of women’s men’s watches, from luxury to affordable products. Therefore, you can have a very large target audience. 

Edip Saat stands out with its experience and professional support in the list of companies that provide XML. It also has the advantage of transferring products with a single click by using different platforms such as Ticimax.

Mini car

If you are looking for a company that provides XML in the mother & baby sector, you can visit Mini Koli. Mini Parcel experienced a rapid rise in the mother & baby area in a short time. 

Providing service based in Kayseri, Mini Koli manages to satisfy its customers with its quality products. You can experience a rapid rise with zero capital by taking advantage of quality products. Another prominent advantage of Mini Koli is that it has a reliable infrastructure.

Underwear Wind

If you want to turn to underwear while looking for a company that gives XML, you can choose Underwear Wind. The site, which stands out with its women’s underwear products, also offers options for men. 

It is also possible to say that it has reached a large customer base. You can have a smooth integration process with the virtual dealership you will get from Underwear Wind. It also has a special option for people who want to sell from home. If you wish, you can contact Underwear Wind for sales in the marketplaces.


If you are looking for companies that provide the best XML for computers and technology, you can choose Armada. 

The company, which has been serving for nearly thirty years, offers a wide range of options from data technologies to computer accessories. 

Also T-Soft etc. You can complete Armada XML integration in a short time by using infrastructures. Another prominent feature of Armada is that it is among the pioneers of the sector. You can contact Armada to take advantage of its wide product range.

Party World

Of course, one of the sectors that has risen rapidly in recent years has been party decorations. 

Birthday, special day, wedding etc. The ornaments used in the celebrations manage to reach a wide audience. Party Dünyası, on the other hand, has become one of the best XML exporters with the confidence and success it has provided in the sector. 

Thanks to the packages prepared for different concepts, you can use a special theme for every age group. They also answer dealership or virtual dealership application forms in a short time.


Petgarden is one of the best XML companies to operate in the petshop sector. Established in 1993, the company has achieved customer satisfaction and trust. It also has a wide product range. 

From cat shampoos to turtle platforms, you can offer a special product for each of your customers. It has two separate centers in Ankara and Istanbul. In this way, they can provide fast cargo advantage to every point in Turkey.


Ebujiteri is one of the best XML exporters for the jewelry and bijouterie industry. Ebujiteri, which sells wholesale products, also provides numerous advantages for the Dropshipping method. 

Ebujiteri, stock and logistics cost, product tracking, product photography, etc. It offers support on many issues. At the same time, orders placed before 14:00 are shipped on the same day. This will allow you to offer fast shipping to your customers. In addition, product updates are made instantly.

Fashion Line

Moda Line is one of the most preferred brands in women’s clothing. Moda Line, one of the best XML exporter alternatives, allows you to sell in a wide area. While many companies do not allow you to sell products in marketplaces, you can sell with Moda Line. You can also sell Moda Line products on your own website.


It is impossible not to talk about Limoya when talking about the best XML companies. Serving for more than 10 years, Limoya stands out with its affordable women’s shoe models. 

Stock update and tracking, professional product photography, fast shipping, etc. You can have a problem-free process with Limoya on many issues. It will also make you happy with its high profit rates.

You can share the content of the best XML exporters with your friends and help them with dropshipping!

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