11 Solution Suggestions for WhatsApp Notification Issue

As with almost every application, WhatsApp also has a ‘notification’ feature that allows you to be informed that a message has arrived.

You can customize this feature as you wish by going to WhatApp’s Settings > Notifications tab. However, sometimes you may experience the problem of not receiving WhatsApp notifications on Android phones and iPhones.

This can be very frustrating, especially when you are waiting for a message from someone. Because we may have to constantly open the application and check to find out whether the message has come.

We will talk about some methods that we aim to eliminate all these problems. Using these methods, we will try to help you solve the problem of not getting notifications on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp No Notification Problem and Solution Methods

Make Sure You Are Connected To The Internet

Many users think that different problems may cause the notification not to appear on WhatsApp. But ignoring the simplest methods sometimes results in wasted effort. The internet service to which your device is connected may not be able to provide service at unexpected times for various reasons. For this reason, the first thing you need to do is to check if you have an internet connection.

Sometimes you can see that you have a Wi-Fi connection, but it can only be visible. So even though you are connected to Wi-Fi, you may be having trouble getting service. 

For this reason, you should also try to access it with your Cellular Network. If WhatsApp notifications are not coming even when you are connected to the mobile internet, there may be a problem with the service’s servers. Or you can continue to apply the methods below.

Check Archived Chats

If you have archived a chat on WhatsApp, you will not receive a notification for the message that comes here. Only when you open the archived chat section, you will see a message such as (1).

To check archived messages, follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Now go to the Archived menu.
  • From here, remove the contact or group from their archived menu (swipe left on iPhones).

Messages will now be in the inbox by default once you remove them from the archived chat. From this moment on, notifications will come for every incoming message.

Enable Background App Refresh [iPhone]

If you disable background app refresh on WhatsApp, you may have trouble receiving notifications. To receive new notifications, you must activate WhatsApp here. To enable background app refresh for WhatsApp, you must follow these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to find WhatsApp .
  • Now activate the Background App Refresh toggle from the options that appear.

Ask a Friend for Help

If you think it’s okay with the internet, ask a friend to text you on WhatsApp. You already know that you get a WhatsApp notification when someone calls or texts you in the app. 

For this reason, asking someone else for help would be a good reference for understanding what the problem is.

Ask a Friend for Help

Check WhatsApp Notification Settings

You can check if it is set to have WhatsApp notifications from your mobile app. Open the WhatsApp mobile app and tap the gear icon with Settings on the bottom right. 

Here you will see a section with Message Notifications at the top . Below it are the Show Alerts and Sound tabs. Make sure the slider next to Show Alerts is green and you’ve assigned a notification sound in Sound as well.

Click the downward arrow icon in the top left to check notifications in WhatsApp Web or desktop app. From here , go to Settings > Notifications . Make sure to tick the box next to options like Sound, Desktop Alerts, and Incoming Call Ringtone .

Check ‘Do Not Disturb’ Settings

Check if Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, which may turn off all your notifications, not just WhatsApp. To check this on iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the home screen and see if Focus is active. If it is active, the text Do Not Disturb also appears. You can turn this mode off by tapping once on it.

On Android, you can access Do Not Disturb mode via Settings, if it is active, you can turn it off. Double swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen to access Quick Settings (One swipe down and you’ll only see your notifications). 

From here, tap Do Not Disturb. You can also long press Do Not Disturb with your finger to go to its settings. To turn it off, simply tap on it once.

Restart your phone

My dear, my favourite. Restarting the phone is one of the most successful methods of solving all problems. This process; It helps to refresh the memory of the device, free all processes and clear some glitches. Since you probably know how to turn your phone off and then back on, we skip how to do this.

Clear the Cache of the App

Dozens of data accumulated in WhatsApp can prevent the app from working properly. We can add to this that there is no notification from WhatsApp. 

So clearing the app’s cache can help you fix many potential app-related issues as well as no notifications. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Find WhatsApp from the list of applications on your phone and long press on it.
  • Tap on ‘ App info ‘ or anything related.
  • Select ‘ Storage and cache ‘.
  • Tap on ‘ Clear cache ‘.

Update WhatsApp App

Updating the WhatsApp application is also one of the details you should not skip. Sometimes a new version of an operating system can cause certain app features to not work properly. 

An update released by an app may fix the issue you’re experiencing by improving compatibility. 

Regardless of the operating system you use, it’s always important to keep apps up to date. Find WhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store and check if it is up to date. If an update is available, install it directly.

Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

No matter what you did, you couldn’t solve the problem of not getting notifications on WhatsApp? So starting from scratch can also be a solution. You may have changed some settings that caused no notifications in WhatsApp. But before that, you may want to back up your chats. Open WhatsApp and tap Settings , then ‘ Chats ‘ and finally ‘ Chats backup ‘. This is how you can back up your WhatsApp chats to avoid losing any pending conversations during the process.

Check If You Have Mute a Contact or Group on WhatsApp

Finally, if messages from certain people or groups do not sound for notifications, check if you have them set to Mute. 

Because sometimes, you may have used the mute method to stay away from annoying conversations and then forgot about it. 

So what you need to do is go to the WhatsApp app and open the chat you may have set to Mute. Then tap the profile name at the top. Find Mute from the tabs that appear and check if you have it enabled.

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