8 Best Video Converter for Windows (2021-2022)

Best video converter for Windows – If you are wondering which are the best video conversion programs for your Windows operating system computer in 2021 , it is useful to take a look at this article. Here are the best video converters we’ve put together for you.

We paid attention to the fact that the programs in the list we prepared are free and easy to use. You can easily download whichever of these programs you like the most. Here are the best free video converter software we have prepared for you:

The Best video converter for Windows

Playing a video on multiple devices can sometimes be a problem these days. Because some video formats may not be played by some devices. This leads us to use a video converter program.

There are many video converter programs developed for Windows PCs today . So which of these programs ask for a large number of features, in a very useful way? If you are looking for a good program to convert your videos to different formats, you can choose from among the best paid and free video conversion programs that we have gathered for you.

All of the programs in this list are selected from among the programs that are easy to use, provide quality video output, convert your video files quickly, can be used in various operating systems and are free of malware.


Best video converter for Windows

VideoProc, developed by Digiarty, is the best video converter program. A free version of VideoProc, a paid software, is also available. Almost all the features of the program are available in the free version. However, the length of the videos that can be converted is limited to only 5 minutes.

VideoProc offers its users very excellent video quality and converts very quickly. The program, which has a very simple and useful interface, is also very easy to use.

VideoProc is not just a video converter. It also allows you to merge, trim, flip, and edit your videos in a number of different ways. VideoProc also has some features developed with GoPro users in mind.

VideoProc supports more than 70 video formats, mainly AVI, MOV and MP4. This program, which appeals to beginners as well as professional users, supports 8K video resolution as well as 4K video resolution. This software, which was first used in Windows operating systems, can now be used on computers with MacOS operating systems such as Macbook Air and Macbook Pro .

Wondershare UniConverter

Best video converter for Windows

Wondershare UniConverter, which is among the best video conversion programs for Windows, offers its users all the features that can be offered by a video converter.

Wondershare UniConverter also has a free version like VideoProc. But this version has several restrictions. For example, in the free version, you can only convert a third of a video. The video conversion speed is much slower than the paid version.

Wondershare UniConverter is not just a video converter. It is also a highly advanced software that allows you to record screen and has lots of video conversion tools. This software, which appeals to both beginners and advanced users, has a very useful interface.

Wondershare UniConverter can handle 35 video formats including MP4, MOV and MPEG. The software, which is also available in the macOS version, also performs 4K resolution video conversions without any problems.

DivX Converter

Best video converter for Windows

There are two versions of DivX Converter, free and pro. The free version of the software offers a very reasonable conversion speed, high-quality output and 4K video support. More than a dozen formats are available, including MP4, MOV, AVI and more. Unlike many other video converter programs, the free version of DivX is also very useful.

The main feature that distinguishes DivX Converter Pro version from the free version is that it performs video conversion faster. Apart from that, the Pro version also includes more profiles and more custom settings. DivX Converter automatically installs Divx Player, Media Server, DivX Web Player and Avast Antivirus during installation. You can prevent the installation of these softwares by disabling the corresponding option.

The Mac version of DivX Converter, which is among the best video converters for Windows , is also available. The pro version of the program is sold at a price of 20 dollars.

Freemake Video Converter

Best video converter for Windows

Like other video converter programs, Freemake Video Converter has both paid and free versions. The difference between the paid version and the free version is quite large.

The biggest disadvantage of the free version is that the Freemake Video Converter logo is automatically added to the beginning and end of all videos. The rest of the video has a text in the middle. This renders the free version of Freemake Video Converter unusable.

After downloading the program and trying the free version, if you are satisfied and want to remove the restrictions, you can switch to the paid version. Freemake Video Converter will allow you to process 17 video formats, mainly AVI, MP4 and MOV formats.

The video output of this program, which also supports 4K resolution videos, is also very high quality and fast. Freemake Video Converter, where you can create multiple preset profiles, costs $10 per month. And this program can only be used on computers with Windows operating system.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory

Best video converter for Windows

Using the free version of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory, which is among the best video converters, you can convert all videos up to 5 minutes and download 5 videos from the internet for free.

This software, which is very easy to use, is ideal for beginners in this respect. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory, which supports 21 video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4 and MPG, can convert all videos, including 4K videos, in a very high quality. The video conversion speed of the program, which has only the Windows version, is at a satisfactory level.

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Movavi Video Converter

Best video converter for Windows

Movavi Video Converter is fully paid software. The program, which comes with a 7-day trial version that allows you to convert only half of each video, has a convenient and modern interface that is easy to navigate. With Movavi Video Converter, it is possible to convert high quality videos in a very high quality and fast way.

In addition to popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV and MPG, this program, which allows you to process up to 17 video formats, has not only a Windows but also a Mac version. With all these features, Movavi Video Converter deserves to be among the best video converter programs for Windows.

Any Video Converter

Best video converter for Windows

Any Video Converter is used by many users with a tight budget, thanks to the many features it provides with its free version. The speed of this program, which provides reasonable quality video outputs, is also very successful.

There are more than 150 profiles that come pre-set in Any Video Converter. This software, which successfully converts 17 video formats as well as popular video formats such as MP4, AVI and MOD, also has a few basic video editing tools.

The paid version of Any Video Converter, which is a program available for Windows and Mac devices, also includes features such as screen recorder and DVD conversion.


Best video converter for Windows

HandBrake is a completely free video converter software. This open source program can also be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Moreover, when you use HandBrake, you will not have to face any advertisements and additional software installation problems.

HandBrake offers very high quality video output for a free program. Video conversions are usually slow. More than a dozen video formats are supported, including MP4, M4V, MOV and MPEG.

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The highest video resolution supported by HandBrake is 2160p. The interface of this free software is a bit more complicated than some other paid software. Therefore, it will take some time for new users to get used to it. With all these features, HandBrake definitely deserves to be among the best video converter programs for Windows.

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