How To Connect a Wireless Mouse in Windows 11

How To Connect a Wireless Mouse in Windows 11 – We cannot deny that cables can be quite annoying, especially when we have a desktop computer. 

Therefore, it is very important that if we can avoid them, the better. If we have a wireless mouse, we can connect it to Windows 11 and save ourselves, even if it’s a cable going around. Do you want to know how to get it? It is much easier than you think.

Connect a USB-RF mouse

A USB-RF mouse connects to our computer through a dongle. Therefore, to connect a wireless mouse in Windows 11 we will have to have an available USB-A port. Best of all, Windows does most of the work for us, the setup process is automatic.

The first thing we will have to do is turn on the mouse. Every mouse is different, but you can usually find a switch at the bottom of each one. After this, we are going to connect the dongle to the USB-A port of our computer.

We will see a notification in the lower right corner of the screen, this message will indicate that Windows 11 is configuring the device for us.

It shouldn’t take too long, a few seconds later we will see another message telling us that the mouse is ready to use.

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Connect mouse via Bluetooth

When we want to connect a mouse via Bluetooth, the only requirement is that our PC has a Bluetooth adapter. 

If it’s a laptop, this is a sure thing. Instead, if it is a desktop, we should verify it; in case you don’t have one, then we can get a portable one; It would be a small USB that connects and acts as Bluetooth.

The first thing we will do is turn on the wireless mouse that we are going to connect to Windows 11. After this we will have to activate Bluetooth on our computer, for this we go to Settings > Bluetooth and devices. We will have to click on the switch to activate it.

Just below the Bluetooth option we will find a button to add the device. Simply, we are going to click on this button.

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An “Add a device” window will appear. Here we are going to have to click on “Bluetooth” in the list of options.

Windows 11 will start scanning for devices. After a brief moment we can see that our mouse will appear on the screen (as long as it is on).

We click our mouse and it will connect automatically. That would be all, from this moment, we can start using the mouse normally.

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