How to create a Mi Account to activate Xiaomi services

Mi Account allows downloading themes to customize the system, track the device and much more; learn how to create it directly on mobile.

Xiaomi mobiles allow you to link a Mi Account. Through it, users have access to several features offered by the Chinese manufacturer, such as saving files in the cloud and tracking the device, for example.

Fortunately, the process to create a profile is very simple and quick. Below, I will show you how to do this.

How to create a Mi Account to activate Xiaomi services

Account creation is offered during the initial setup of a Xiaomi phone, but it is not mandatory, and you can skip this step. However, if you want to enjoy the company’s services, you must link a profile, which can be created free of charge for users who are at least 13 years old. That said, follow the instructions below to know how to do the procedure:

  1. Access account: In the device settings menu, scroll down and tap on the “Mi Account” option;
  2. Choose how you want to create it: You can create the account in two ways: using your email or phone number — the only difference is the confirmation method. Choosing the number, enter it in the indicated field and tap “Next”. If you want, you can also tap the Facebook or Google icon to facilitate the process, select “Create a Mi Account for free” and enter your number;
  3. Enter the verification code: Enter the code received via SMS (or email) in the indicated field and tap the “Next” button;
  4. Create a password: The system will ask you to create a password — it must be 8 to 16 characters long and include letters and numbers. After entering it, tap “OK” to finish.

Note: Xiaomi does not allow taking screenshots during the account creation process. For this reason, the tutorial above does not present all the images.

What services can I use with my Xiaomi account?

The Mi Account guarantees access to some company services, such as:

  • Xiaomi Cloud: cloud storage platform with 5 GB available in the free plan to save photos and videos;
  • Track device: service that allows you to find, block or delete cell phone data remotely;
  • Backups: By linking an account, users can automatically backup apps and settings;
  • Themes: it is possible to download and use new themes that customize the interface of the device;
  • Submit feedback and report bugs: the account allows you to report bugs and suggest improvements in the “Services and Feedback” tab.

How to change the account of a Xiaomi mobile?

Considering that the option to create a Mi Account appears in the initial settings of every Xiaomi phone, it is likely that you have already entered it as soon as you purchased the device.

To have a new account, you must remove the current . Once this is done, just follow the instructions mentioned above to register a new profile on your cell phone.

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