How To Get Past Android Lock Screen

How To Get Past Android Lock Screen – Your Android passcode was forgotten. Here are a few ways to assist you regain access to your Android device if you have forgotten your PIN.

Smartphone screen locks are a crucial component of privacy protection for your device’s data. Locking your phone has become necessary rather than optional in an age where you may save personal, professional, and financial information on it.

It should go without saying that you risk being locked out of your device if you forget your phone’s passcode.

Modern gadgets’ fingerprint scanners, which eliminate passwords as a backup, increase the danger of forgetting passwords.

If you forget your Android phone’s password, there are a few ways to get back in.

How To Get Past Android Lock Screen

1: Boot the phone in safe mode to bypass the Android lock screen

Starting your phone in Safe Mode is the simplest way to get past the Android lock screen. In actuality, a Safe mode does not remove any crucial info from the Android phone; instead, it is designed to assist you in fixing issues with widgets and apps.

To optimize your device, it does, however, delete temporary files and caches. By starting your phone in Safe Mode, follow these steps to get beyond the Android lock screen:

  • The Power button for a long time.
  • Remain Power Off
  • Select OK after tapping Reboot to Safe Mode.

When your phone restarts, see if you can get past the lock screen portion.

2. Respond to security questions or use the Forgot Pattern feature

The default “Forgot the Pattern” kind of reset, which uses your Google Account as the primary reset option, is available on devices running Android 4.4 and older.

However, this option is only functional if your Google account has already been stored on the device. If you had configured this in your settings before to being locked out, you may also utilize the Answer Security Questions option on the same window.

To utilize the Forgot Pattern function (Google Account), follow these steps:

  • Until the Forgot Pattern pop-up shows, try entering your lock screen password a several times.
  • Type your Google Account username and password and click Next after selecting Enter Google Account Details. You’ll receive an email about a reset option after doing this.
  • Select a fresh password or lock screen security
  • Verify the new PIN or password.

All done! Finally, you’ve reset and gotten beyond the Android lock screen.

3: Using the Android Debug Bridge ADB to Delete the Password File

The password file may be deleted via the Android Debug Bridge, or ADB, if you are somewhat technical or understand how the Android operating system functions. With the help of this flexible command-line tool, you may interface with the phone system to make adjustments.

The Android SDK Platform-Tools package comes with the adb, or it may be obtained independently.

The Android phone’s USB Debugging must first be enabled for this functionality to work, and it should have been done so before the lock screen problem. If you’ve already done this, go ahead and erase the password file using ADB:

  • Connect your Android device to the PC.
  • the adb command line is started
  • Put the following in: rm /data/system/gesture.key in the adb shell
  • Hit Enter
  • Restart the apparatus

You will have a short-term option to make a new lock screen protection using this technique. As a result, you must configure this once the phone has resumed.

4. Crash the Lock Screen, part four (Available on Android 5.0-5.1.1)

By crashing the user interface, Android smartphones running versions 5.0 to 5.11 and later may circumvent the lock screen feature. This is a somewhat difficult but very useful technique. Observe these:

  • On the Emergency Dialer pad, type 10 asterisks.Until the Text Selection option is no longer available, copy and paste the asterisk onto the dialer.
  • Go back to the lock screen and tap Settings while swiping the camera shortcut. You will now be required to enter the password. Repetition of steps 1 and 2
  • The lock screen will crash after a short period of time, giving you the chance to reset it right away.


You have studied how to get past android lock screen in this post. Before carrying out the procedures, we advise you to review the techniques to make sure the one that will work best for your device. This will prevent more problems and make you reset.

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