How to Get Twitter Blue Tick

How to Get Twitter Blue Tick – One of the most popular social media platforms is Twitter. Twitter has been in our lives for a long time. 

On this platform, there are pages created by celebrities, personal accounts and brands. Some Twitter accounts show a blue tick. So what is a Twitter blue tick and how to get it?

You will see the blue tick feature mostly in the accounts of famous people or well-known brands. 

However, this feature is not always available for well-known or high-follower accounts. Even in accounts that have not reached 1000 followers, you may have seen the blue tick feature. 

Therefore, you may be wondering how to get the blue tick. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to get a Twitter blue tick.

What is Twitter Blue Tick Feature?

A Twitter blue tick is a feature that indicates that an account that is of interest to the community is genuine. 

Thanks to this feature, people also feel a confidence in the accounts with blue ticks. Because accounts with blue ticks have been approved by Twitter.

Twitter blue tick feature; Originally, it was given to artists, politicians, celebrities, and brand-owning organizations. 

Today, however, this feature has reached wider audiences. There are certain requirements to have the Twitter blue tick feature. Now let’s give information about this subject.

What You Need to Have Twitter Blue Tick Feature

In our article, we explained what the Twitter blue tick feature is. It would be appropriate to provide information about what is required to have this feature. 

There are basically 3 requirements to have a blue tick on Twitter. These; the account is original, well-known and active. Now let’s give details about these 3 requirements.

Having an Original Account

To ensure interpersonal trust on Twitter, you must have verified your identity. There are also 3 methods for authentication. 

The first of these is to add an official website. It would be good to add the institution you work for or an official website that will provide you with a reference to the ‘Website’ section of your Twitter account. The website or organization you add must be approved by Twitter.

Another method is related to authentication. For example, provide a photo of a valid identity document such as a passport. 

This is required for the personal account, not the brand or organization. One of the requirements for a genuine account is an official email address. Provide an email address with your company or Twitter account name.

Having a Prominent Account

One of the requirements for the Twitter blue tick feature is to have a well-known account. 

The account must belong to a highly reputable person or institution. There are 5 different criteria required to have a well-known account. 

The first of these is about Google Trends. Your account must have a Google Trends profile that indicates a high rate of searches.

Depending on the content of your Twitter account, more references may be required. For example, if you have an account in the film industry, it would be correct to provide a link to your Letterboxd page as a reference. 

The Wikipedia article is also important. A link to a Wikipedia article that shows you’re known will help you take advantage of the Twitter blue tick feature.

The number of followers and mentions will also greatly contribute to your blue tick. If the ratio of followers and mentions in your account is in the top 0.05% of your location, you will be more likely to be considered well-known. 

Finally, your rate of being in the news will make it easier for you to be accepted as a well-known account and get a blue tick.

Include yourself or the company’s news articles in your account. For these articles to work, they must belong to the approved news organization. Self-published content or blog-style articles do not contribute to getting a blue tick.

Having an Active Account

It is very important for your Twitter account to be active and to comply with Twitter rules to get a blue tick. 

In other words, when you apply for a blue tick, your account must be public and you must log in to this account within the last 6 months.

You must have a full profile name on your Twitter account. It would be good to be careful not to have different names or nicknames. 

It would also be helpful to have a profile photo and cover photo suitable for yourself or the organization you work for.

It is essential to have a verified e-mail address or phone number for your account. Finally, your Twitter account must not have violated Twitter rules in the last 1 year and must not have received a 12-hour or 7-day ban.

Who Can Benefit From The Blue Tick Feature On Twitter?

We gave information about the requirements to take advantage of the blue tick feature. We have examined them under 3 main headings. Now we need to detail who can benefit from the blue tick feature. 

In this, we will basically talk about 7 categories. These; government agencies, entertainment industry, news organizations and people in the news industry, sports and gaming, activists and organizers, companies, brands and organizations, and finally content producers and other influential people.

Government agencies

Official institutions and ministries are in an advantageous position to receive blue ticks. 

However, there are still some prerequisites. For example, in account profiles, the URL of the government agency should be in the link section. In addition, the account must meet the conditions of activity.

Government agencies are also required to comply with the criteria of reputation and integrity. 

For this, 5 or more article links that the government office or public service has more than one reference are required. In addition, they must add their e-mail address with an official name to their Twitter account and have it approved.

In order for people in government institutions such as the head of state, minister, ambassador, spokesperson to receive a blue tick on Twitter, a reference to the government institution is required in the personal information field of their accounts. 

In addition, it is essential that he is still working in the position of the government agency that he includes in his personal information. Persons in the government institution must also comply with the activity criteria.

Persons in the government agency must also comply with recognized and accuracy criteria. 

For this, the URL link of the place you reference must be correct. You must have at least 5 articles that reference your position in the government agency. You also need a valid official identity document.

There are also some requirements for political candidates to receive a Twitter blue tick. In his account, he is required to provide references regarding his candidacy. The person must show that he/she is registered to the office to which he/she is nominated. It must also comply with the account activity criteria.

The link to the website of the official campaign that references the Twitter username is important. In addition, references to 5 news articles supporting the candidacy for political office published 6 months before the application are required. Again, a news article that references the email with a valid identity document and username will also help you get the Twitter blue tick.

Entertainment Industry

Accounts of entertainment industries such as movie studios and music institutions are also eligible to receive a blue tick. Twitter accounts of production companies such as TV series, movies, festivals related to this industry must be linked to the approved entertainment institution. In addition, the criteria of activity and recognition are also important. Apart from these, evidence such as the industry’s official website, Google Trends proof, approved news article link is also important in getting a Twitter blue tick.

People with the role of actors, artists, directors in the entertainment industry are also required to have a reference link that they are known. Requires IMDB page link proving that the person has contributed to over 50 productions. Links to 3 articles published by publishers in the last 6 months and an approved institution’s website would also be helpful.

News Organizations and People in the News Industry

News organizations and people in this sector, namely news announcers, reporters, editors and freelance journalists, must also comply with the criteria we have mentioned above. In addition, the employer must have a verified account. Also, Google Trends proof simplifies the process of getting a Wikipedia article link blue tick that will meet the encyclopedia reputation standard.

Sports and Gaming

Sports-related individuals and institutions such as professional sports clubs, teams, Olympics, athletes, team members, coaches are also in a good position to receive Twitter blue ticks. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, a link to the website of an official sports organization, team or league approved by the person or institution applying for Twitter blue tick is required.

Activists and Organizers

Compared to the categories we have explained above, this category is slightly different. The main goals of activists and organizers in social media; to motivate the community, to mobilize and to initiate changes. For this, Twitter accounts must reflect a person. A website about the person’s work as a leader in the group they are advocating is essential.

Companies, Brands and Organizations

In this category, leaders, managers and companies will also be entitled to receive Twitter blue ticks when they meet the criteria we have specified. In addition, a web page that shows that they have a presence on the public exchanges of the institution they are involved in will be useful in getting a blue tick.

Content Creators and Other Influencers

Content producers are required to continuously post original content on any platform for at least 6 months prior to application. A Google Trends profile is essential to reveal recent search activity. A stable Wikipedia article is required to meet reputation standards.

Again, the link to the content you have published on a platform other than Twitter in the last 6 months is a must. Apart from the Twitter blue tick criteria, 3 or more reference links related to their professionalism are required. Thus, we have also provided information about the people and institutions that will benefit from the Twitter blue tick feature.

Which Accounts Are Not Eligible To Get Twitter Blue Ticks?

In our article, we gave information about who will benefit from the blue tick feature on Twitter. Now let’s give information about which accounts are not eligible for this feature. Fake news source, comment accounts and unofficial fan accounts will not benefit from the Twitter blue tick feature.

Pet and fictional character pages that exist even though they are not approved by any company or brand are also not eligible for Twitter blue ticks. Accounts with spammy activities such as buying or selling followers, accounts with hate content, accounts with offensive and inappropriate content related to race, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, genetic status, military issues, refugee and immigration status are also Twitter blue ticks. will not feature.

In addition, incentive accounts related to blue tick sales are not entitled to use this feature. Now, we will inform you about the reasons for the loss of the Twitter blue tick feature.

What are the Reasons for Losing Twitter Blue Tick Feature?

Twitter has the authority to remove the account with the blue tick feature without notice. Any action against the blue tick requirement on the account will cause you to lose this feature. For example, changing your username, loss of activity of the account, and misleading changes in the account are factors. There are also situations related to the position that was previously suitable for the blue feature but later did not. For example, becoming a state official by election and then leaving this post will make you lose the blue tick.

Changing all the information and photos in your account and misleading people about it will also lose the blue tick. The moves that will cause the account to be suspended also affect the blue tick. Harassment, tweets, hate gestures, confidential information, supporting violence are also risky. Finally, manipulative behaviors related to the platform and actions that will negatively affect citizenship will also lose the blue tick.

How to Get Twitter Blue Tick?

If you comply with all the rules mentioned above, there is no obstacle for you to benefit from the Twitter blue tick feature. Now, let’s inform you about the steps to get a blue tick. First, let’s talk about the process of getting a Twitter blue tick over the phone. Then, let’s make a statement about getting Twitter blue ticks on the computer.

Blue Tick Process Over the Phone

  • To get a blue tick over the phone, first log into your Twitter account. Then click on your profile photo in the top left. Then click where it says ‘Settings and privacy’.
  • Enter ‘your account’.
  • Then click on ‘Account information’.
  • Click on ‘Confirmation request’ on the screen that appears.
  • You will see 3 steps of the approval request. Click on ‘Apply now’ here.
  • Click on ‘Start request’.
  • You will see the categories you choose to get a blue tick.
  • The account types in the activism category are as follows.
  • Account types in the corporate category are also included in the image below.
  • The account types in the entertainment and game categories are also below.
  • The account types of the government category are also as follows.
  • The following account types are also included in the News category.
  • Account types for sports and other categories are as follows. The Other category is for content creators to choose.

Blue Tick Process on Computer

  • Log in to your Twitter account to get a blue tick on a computer. Then click on ‘More’ on the left side of the screen. Next, go to the ‘Settings and privacy’ section. Click on ‘Account information’ on the right.
  • Then under the option that says ‘Approved’, tick where it says ‘Request Confirmation’.
  • After clicking this option, click on ‘Start request’ on the screen that appears.
How to Get Twitter Blue Tick
  • Then, choose the appropriate category for you and click ‘Next’. Follow the other steps, just as we explained how to get a blue tick over the phone. Thus, we have answered the question of how to get a Twitter blue tick.
How to Get Twitter Blue Tick

general evaluation

We can say that the blue tick feature on Twitter represents the reliability of accounts in general. At this point , Twitter is very careful about giving blue ticks to accounts. The company has made several changes in its policy on blue ticks in recent years. 

Previously, only certain individuals and institutions could benefit from the blue tick feature. Today, however, Twitter has started giving blue ticks even to content producers.

Our Twitter blue tick guide that we have prepared for you ends here. You can also share your questions and thoughts about the Twitter blue tick feature in the comments section below.

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