How To Know if an Android or iOS is Unlocked or Locked by IMEI

According to studies carried out, every 10 minutes one or more cell phones are stolen, somewhere in the world, because they are very commercial, representing an opportunity for anyone to get money quickly.

What most do not know is that acquiring one of these cell phones is a serious crime punishable by law, both for those who buy them and for those who are dedicated to selling them.

However, the phone always has the possibility of being blocked, by imei, it will not be possible to use companies that block it and many of them share their databases with others, this is something that could leave the phone inactive.

With regard to the wireless network, to make calls, send text messages or even data , this opens up the concern of how and when to know if a cell phone is blocked by the operator.

With this application you can check the IMEI of your mobile device

As always here we leave you the link so you can download this wonderful application that allows you to check the status of cell phones.

And, validate if the cell phone is blocked, legal or not with the telephone companies, representing an advance for users who are a little more suspicious when buying, and with good reason.

This application is one of the best alternatives, since it helps you with all the doubts you have about the IMEI of your mobile device, the best thing is that you will be able to download it directly from the Google Play Store, with the valid name IMEI .

This application, it is very easy to say it, but it has an impressive function that is not easy to achieve and that is to allow you to discover in effect what you are buying, because it is necessary to emphasize the importance of doing this before buying any mobile and do not forget that it is better, buy insurance, always check what you buy.

This way you can know if your IMEI code is reported

In many parts of the world, especially in those countries where the prices of original mobiles are too high, many times people who act in good faith fall into the trap of those who dedicate themselves to stealing smartphones and then selling them to a lower price.

The truth is that in these cases, the only way to know if a mobile is blocked , which offers the presumption that it was previously stolen, is to specifically analyze all the details or information that exist in this regard.

Of course, we also know cases in which we find that mobile devices have simply been blocked due to a problem unrelated to them, although to be honest, almost always all this has to do with the fact that it is a complaint made by the old device owner .

What you have to keep in mind is that on a daily basis, there are cases in which the different terminals have been blocked in one way or another , and that is why it is convenient to know the details about whether a cell phone is blocked.

In general, when we talk about mobile locks , we find that although there are different types of locks, one of the most frequent is IMEI locks, which is also one of the worst for those who have the terminal in their hands. because it is completely useless.

You have to consider, beyond what has been exposed so far, in the same way, that there are some simple tricks to know if our smartphone is locked by IMEI.

One of the advantages of knowing the IMEI of our device is that we can know how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy cell phone by IMEI code with Samsung S Unlock.

You can check if your cell phone is already free or is still blocked

As we said before, if you want to check if your mobile or cell phone is blocked, the best way to do this is to test it with a SIM card.

It is enough to place one that we know works, to verify what is the message that the system shows us and obtain a conclusion.

The first thing we must say is that we can be sure that the device is blocked, in case some phrases appear, such as No Service, or Only emergency calls.

Now, if at the moment of inserting a SIM we find that, when we want to make calls or send an SMS from the cell phone, and no message appears, but in any case it does not let us act, then it is possible that in those cases deal directly with a problem with the operator.

You have to consider, in any of the cases in this regard, that we recommend you in these circumstances, try a different SIM, from the same company, or from any other if the terminal is unlocked.

In the first case, if you then want to be sure if the blocking comes from IMEI , you have to know that fortunately there are some rather simple tricks that we can take into account, such as opening the call screen of our smartphone and write *#06#.

There it will show you the IMEI of your smart mobile device, and you will then be able to check , through any website developed for it, if it is blocked or not.

If you need to know the characteristics of your mobile , taking advantage of the fact that you now know the IMEI number of your mobile, you just have to follow how you can know the characteristics and specifications of your cell phone with the IMEI or the settings.

Have you been able to verify if your mobile is blocked by IMEI with this step by step that we have offered you? If you have any questions and you would like us to solve it through a tutorial, you can leave it in the comments.

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