How to repair those corrupt databases in SQL Server

  • Finding corrupt databases in SQL Server is one of the worst things that can happen to programmers who work with this language, and they think they have lost their advances
  • However, there are some corrupt SQL database recovery programs
  • Stellar Repair for MS SQL is one of the softwares that we can trust in these situations, so we review its main characteristics, and how it is the process through which it can help you

Microsoft SQL Server is the alternative that Microsoft provides us to other database management systems. This usually works well, but if you are experiencing problems with your programming language, we have good news. Keep reading, because next you will learn how to repair corrupt databases in SQL Server, recovering sensitive files. For this, a specifically developed tool will be used.

One of the worst things that can happen to MSSQL administrators is to find files that are corrupted , inaccessible, compromising all previous work, and business backup data. In these cases, there is no alternative but to resort to a specific solution, one that has been designed from the outset to respond to this need. It is about Stellar Repair for MS SQL, a program that repairs corrupted databases in SQL Server, working on the .mdf & .ndf extensions .

This software is capable of repairing tables, triggers, indexes, keys, rules and stored procedures and, once they have been recovered, you can save them in common formats, such as MS SQL, HTML, XLS or CSV .

All this, ensuring support for MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and earlier versions.

How to repair those corrupt databases in SQL Server

Best Features of Stellar Repair for MS SQL

As we said, this SQL database recovery tool is one of the best in its class. We affirm this from a series of characteristics that you should know to choose it yourself:

Repair SQL Server Database

When it comes to repairing corrupt databases in SQL Server, this platform is specially designed for this purpose, which is an advantage over others, due to its ability to respond in all database encryption scenarios that occur due to to errors in the hardware of the SQL Server itself.

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Restore objects from MDF and NDF files

This SQL recovery program is suitable for repairing various ciphers, including MDF and NDF files . Thanks to this, it is compatible with all databases, from the primary files, which contain the header information, to the secondary files, which have the rest of the relevant data.

How to repair those corrupt databases in SQL Server

Perform deleted record recovery

If there were data deleted from the corrupted database, with this software you can recover them along with the others. You can recover all deleted records without modifications in their original hierarchies.

Multiple save options

This service is prepared to offer multiple saving options, making it even more practical. You can save your recovered files in formats like CSV, HTML or XLS , as you prefer.

How to repair those corrupt databases in SQL Server

Repairs all components of the Database

The versatile nature of this program makes it possible to recover all the components of the database . We mentioned some of them, such as tables, triggers, indexes, keys, rules, and stored procedures.

What’s more, its SQL Server database retrieval tool supports retrieval of XML indexes , along with column properties, data file links, and other plug-in elements.

Allows selective recoveries

Stellar Repair for MS SQL also allows you to create a selective recovery of database objects . With this functionality, you will avoid making more downloads than you consider necessary, and you will save time.

How to repair those corrupt databases in SQL Server

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How to repair a corrupt database in SQL Server step by step

  • Download and install Stellar Repair for MS SQL from this link
  • Run Stellar Repair for MS SQL on your computer
  • Select the corrupt file
  • Click on the Repair button
  • Check the Preview of the repaired data
  • Save the repaired data to a new database

As you can see, it is an absolutely simple procedure thanks to Stellar Repair for MS SQL, which partly explains why it is one of the most recommended tools we have in this regard.

Have you already been able to repair your corrupt databases in SQL Server?

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