How To Send High Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

The messaging app can be used as an alternative to send files of up to 2 GB to your contacts.

In addition to exchanging messages, WhatsApp is also a tool for sharing files with your contacts, but photos and videos usually have their quality reduced when sending so that the file respects the size limit stipulated by the application.

To work around this situation, see an alternative method to send high quality photos and videos via WhatsApp.

The type of compression used by WhatsApp reduces the size of the file to facilitate the transfer, becoming one of the reasons for the loss of quality of photos and videos sent by the standard method.

How To Send High Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

This method allows you to send high quality files up to 2 GB to your contacts. Please be aware that video files sent in this way cannot be watched directly on WhatsApp. They will need to be downloaded onto the device and opened with a media player. Now check out the step by step.

  1. open a conversation After opening a conversation, click on the “clip” icon to attach a file;
  2. Select attachment type In the menu with attachment options, select “Document”;
  3. Choose your photo or video and confirm After selecting the “Document” option , you will be directed to a folder with several files. Just select the photo or video you want to upload and confirm. If the file you are looking for is not visible, you can tap the magnifying glass icon to search for it or select the option “Browse other documents” to switch folders and search for the desired file.

For iPhone, there is no such simple solution: you can only attach a Document via iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Drive, so it’s good to have your photos saved on one of these services if you want to send them uncompressed.

An alternative to sending large files

WhatsApp restricts the transfer of photo or video files to up to 16MB on mobile phones. Therefore, an alternative solution to send videos that play directly on WhatsApp is to compress the file.

What is the size limit for files on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos of up to 16 MB on mobile phones and 64 MB on computers. 

On devices with 512 MB of memory, the size is reduced from 10 MB. On the other hand, files sent as “Documents” can be up to 2 GB.

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