How To Stop Old Phone From Receiving Texts Android

How To Stop Old Phone From Receiving Texts Android – When you discover a crucial SMS message has been sent to the wrong person, it is impossible to feel more anxious.

This is especially true if your phone has just undergone an upgrade.

Perhaps the texts are being sent to your old phone instead, or perhaps you are just not receiving any at all!

Whatever the situation, we acknowledge the serious inconvenience and worry it causes.

Fortunately, we have some welcome news. You are most definitely not alone, and we are here to assist you in resolving whatever difficulty you may be having with texting.

The primary causes of texts not receiving after moving phones are discussed in this article, along with possible fixes for both Apple and Android smartphones.

How to stop SMS from arriving on your old iPhone or Android

It’s a simple repair if you have your old phone on hand. Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive on your old phone if it’s an iPhone.

You may also sign out of FaceTime by going to Settings > FaceTime, tapping your Apple ID at the bottom, and selecting “Sign Out”. You can still update your Apple ID password if you don’t have the old phone by going to Settings > [Your Name] > Password & Security. Existing phone numbers will be eliminated from all associated Apple devices by creating a new password.

You should probably disable Chat Features on an old Android phone, such as a Google Pixel. Open Messages on the old phone, hit the three dots, and select Settings > Chat Features. With a touch from this location, “Chat Features” may be turned off.

How To Stop Old Phone From Receiving Texts Android

The top four explanations for why your new phone might not be receiving text messages are provided below:

inadequate network connection

When receiving and sending calls and texts, the cellular network serves as a conductor.

Users may suffer service interruptions if there is a problem with their service provider’s network. Text messaging won’t be able to be sent or received as a result.

It’s also critical to be aware that using Airplane Mode on your phone prevents you from connecting to the network of your service provider. Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to send and receive text messages as a result.

Airplane Mode may make it look as though you have a bad network connection even when this is not the case.

If you observe that you have few to no signal bars, this suggests that your network connection is probably not working well. By going to a location with a better network connection, you can resolve this.

Your phone requires a restart.

Even if we don’t always know why, rebooting your device tends to solve a lot of phone problems.

Similarly, rebooting a phone has been shown to be beneficial if you are unable to receive texts on your new phone.

Close all apps and turn off the phone to accomplish this. For a few minutes after turning it off, turn it back on. You might just need to do this step to start getting your phone texts again!

Ineffective Systems or Apps

The effects of updating your smartphone, and more especially, your messaging app, are comparable to those of restarting it.

Bugs that can prevent your texts from arriving will be fixed by upgrading both your phone and the messaging software.

As soon as new updates are released, you should update the messaging app on your phone.

The messaging app’s incompatibility with the device’s operating system may also be the cause of the issue. If so, upgrading them both could be the answer to your phone’s problems.

However, occasionally incompatible updates may also be the cause of the issue!

Rolling it back to the previous version should fix the issue if you discover that the messaging app has ceased functioning after a recent upgrade.

Deleted Contacts

It’s conceivable that you banned the contact or contacts in question and completely forgot about it if you are not receiving messages from a certain individual or group of people.

It occurs.

To be sure the person(s) cannot reach you, check your contact list.

If you’ve blocked contacts, unblocking them will restore your ability to send and receive texts.

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