How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Oppo Reno 2

Hello Opreker friend, do you How to unlock Bootloader Oppo Reno 2 and Root Oppo Reno 2? if so, then my friend is on the right website. Because in this tutorial the admin will guide you to Unlock Bootloader and Root Oppo Reno2.

As a matter of knowledge,  Booloader  is all associated with dealing with different and powerful systems for boosting the OS when the mobile phone is booted. BLEоtlоаdеr bееn 2 аll, namely locked ( root , Install Custom Room ,  Custom Recovery , etc.). Whereas Unlocked is the opposite of Locked.

How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Oppo Reno2

Make sure you follow the step by step carefully in order to succeed.

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Step 1: Unlock Bootloader Oppo Reno2

Requirements and Materials

  • Prepare a computer, either in the form of a PC / Laptop.
  • Data / USB cable.
  • Download the USB Driver Oppo  then install it on your laptop / PC / Mac.
  • Download ADB & Fastboot  then extract the file (how to right click the file then select Extract Here ).

Steps to Unlock Bootloader Oppo Reno2

  • Enable / Enable  USB  Debugging  and  OEM Unlock in the developer options menu in the settings.
  • Open the ADB & Fastbot  folder  that you extracted earlier, then press and hold the Shift  key  on the keyboard + right-click on the folder and select  Open  command window here / Open PowerShell window here.
  • Then the Command Line will open, it looks like CMD.
  • Then connect your cellphone to the Laptop / PC using a USB cable.
  • then type  adb devices  to check whether the cellphone is connected properly with the laptop / PC as shown below.
  • Next type  adb reboot bootloader  then the cellphone will restart and automatically enter fastboot mode.
  • Next type  fastboot oem unlock , if successful then the Device is unlock  text will appear  on your cellphone.
  • Finally type  fastboot reboot  and press  Enter  to reboot / restart HP.
  • Done!!

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Step 2: Root Oppo Reno2

Before doing rооtіng, make sure Oppo Reno2 has at least OK. This is just how Kingroot can update databases / files into various methods of root Oppo reno 2 processing.

  1. Download the latest version of the KingRoot  Application  .
  2. When finished, install the application. If you get the message “Google installation blocked message” (see picture below), select “More details” then select “Install anyway (unsave)” and “Ok”. If nothing goes to the next step.
  3. If the message “Installation Blocked” / “Installation Blocked” or the like appears, please select Settings  > Lock screen and security  Then activate “Unknown sources” / “Unknown sources” and select “OK”.
  4. Next will appear the installation process (see the picture below), select ” Install ” to start the Kingroot installation process, when it is finished select ” Open ” to open / run the Kingroot application.
  5. If it will also be opened, swipe / swipe the screen up 2x and a confirmation window will open then select TRY IT .
  6. Wait a few moments until the Kingroot application completes the HP scan. If the scan is complete swipe / swipe the screen to the right or select line 3 in the upper left corner (see image below).
  7. Then select TRY ROOT  to start the HP Rooting process, the time needed is around 3-5 minutes so just wait.
  8. After the completion of the completion, it will appear “Rооtеd” on the ground. This turns out that the Oppo Reno2 has been recently rooted
  9. To start with the Oppo Reno2 after it has been rooted, please download an RL Check Checker and run it. If there is like a picture under this, it is 100% Oppo Reno2 after it has been rooted.

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