How To Use Minecraft Color Codes List June 2021 (All Colors)

Minecraft color codes 2021 are the codes that those who want to write colored text use by writing at the beginning of the article.

Minecraft, one of the most famous sandbox games in the world, was sold to Microsoft in 2014. In fact, Xbox Game Studios, a Microsoft company, released a new Minecraft game called Minecraft Dungeons last May.

The legendary game Minecraft, which is the best selling game in the world game history, invites gamers to the limitless world of cubes! In the survival and free world categories, Minecraft can be played in single player and multiplayer.

How to Use Minecraft Color Codes?

You can use the color codes listed below to image your message in server chats and look different in other players. The actual sign of color codes is §, but on servers they are written with the & sign for the convenience of players.

Free Minecraft Color Code List

  • & 1 code: Dark Blue
  • & 2 code: Green
  • & 3 code: Light Blue
  • & 4 code: Red
  • & 5 kodu: Mor
  • & 6 code: Yellow
  • & 7 code: Light Gray
  • & 8 code: Gray
  • & 9 code: Turquoise
  • & 0 code: Black
  • & a code: Light Green
  • & e code: Light Yellow
  • & c code: Light Red
  • & b code: Light Blue
  • & d code: Light Purple
  • & f code: White
Minecraft Color Codes

In addition to the color codes, there are also codes that give the words a formal feature. The text code Minecraft constantly changes color is also part of this list.

  • & l code: Bold text
  • & m code: Strikethrough text
  • & n code: Underlined text
  • & o code: Italic text
  • & k code: constantly changing text
  • & u code: Minecraft constantly changing color text
  • & r code: Resets the colors of the post it

Minecraft Color Codes Examples

The codes we listed above do not affect you as you type, but when other people speak. So you type & nKavun in the chat and you will see it like this, but when you send the message, other people on the server and you will see it as Melon. You can easily understand the use of code by examining the examples below.

  • & oAngel = Apple
  • Get & lGel = Come Now
  • & 3 Let’s attack! = Let’s attack!

We can also use both color and shape codes:

  • & 4 & oKelam = Dark
  • &4&nKelam= Kelam

Minecraft Shaped Post Codes

  • Bold text code: & l
  • Strikethrough code: & m
  • Underlined text code : & n
  • The code to reset the colors of the next posts: & r
  • Italic text code: & o
  • Constantly changing post code: & k

Note: Although Minecraft color codes are indicated by “§”, players can also use “&” for simplicity.

Mines in the Game

  • Coal: It is a mine found in mountains and caves, mined by a wooden pickaxe. It can be used in cooking, melting mines, as a torch.
  • Iron: It is a mine that is broken at least with a stone pickaxe. Players use iron tools because they are more robust.
  • Gold: It is a mine that is broken with the least iron pickaxe. It is necessary to melt it in the oven and turn it into Gold Ingot.
  • Diamond: One of the most precious metals in the Minecraft game. The least iron is broken with a pickaxe.
  • Redstone: It is a mine with many functions. The least iron is broken with a pickaxe. Many goods and electricity generating circuits can be created. It is also used in potions.
  • Emerald: It is a rare mine in the game. The least iron is broken with the pickaxe and it is used for trade.
  • Quartz: It is a metal used in making observers.
  • Lapis Lazuli: It is a mine that adjusts the magic level and does not have much of a function. The least stone is broken by pickaxe. It does not need to be melted in the oven to use.
  • Netherite: It is a metal used to make items stronger than diamond.

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