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How to Delete PUBG Mobile Guest Accounts 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile games today. It is possible to play PUBG Mobile, where you can have a pleasant time with your friends, via a guest account without registration. Players who do not want to use a guest account and want to delete this account, there are some actions to take. We have compiled an article for you… Read More »

How to log out of PUBG Mobile Guest Accounts 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the games where you can create an account for free. However, if you open an account in the game other than any mail, you will join the game through a guest account. In this article, we have answered the question of how to exit the PUBG Mobile guest accounts, which is one of the most curious… Read More »

What Will Valorant 2021 Updates Offer To Gamers?

Valorant 2021 updates are curious by players. In the game, which was released as of June last year; developer studio Riot Games is trying to respond to the demands of the players in the best way with many updates and balances. The updates and contents offered by the developer studio to this day have managed to delight the audience of the… Read More »

Where to Find the PUBG Flare Gun?

Where to Find the PUBG Flare Gun? Many of our friends ask the question. When you shoot a PUBG flare in PUBG Mobile, a help package comes with you. This aid package includes the weapons and accessories you need. There are flares in some places, and these flares are usually located where the guns are most concentrated. When you come across these flare icons, you can… Read More »

How To Use Minecraft Color Codes List June 2021 (All Colors)

Minecraft color codes 2021 are the codes that those who want to write colored text use by writing at the beginning of the article. Minecraft, one of the most famous sandbox games in the world, was sold to Microsoft in 2014. In fact, Xbox Game Studios, a Microsoft company, released a new Minecraft game called Minecraft Dungeons last May.… Read More »

Apex Legends Fast Level Up Tactics, Apex Legends Quick XP Gain 2021

Apex Legends Fast Level Up – Apex Legends is a Battle-Royale battle game preferred by many gamers . The game, which can be actively played free of charge on many platforms, including Steam , has a structure that aims to fight in teams of 60 and stay to the end.  There are levels in Apex Legends and the rewards you can get as you progress through these levels. Let’s not go without saying… Read More »

How to Get Brawl Stars Sandy Character, Update

Brawl Stars is a combative style animated war game that appeals to people of many age groups. There are various heroes in this game, which runs smoothly on Android and iOS operating systems and where you can have fun with your friends. These heroes differ from each other in terms of talent and typing. In particular, some of them are very strong… Read More »

GeForce Now Free Premium Account Passwords August 2021

GeForce Now Free Premium account passwords, especially GeForce Now they are wondering after the recent news access will be opened in Turkey. You can enjoy playing games with GeForce Now free accounts . What is GeForce Now? Although GeForce Now accounts are very curious, the question of what is GeForce Now has been asked by many game lovers , especially recently . Developed by Nvidia, GeForce Now aims to be a great… Read More »

1000+ PUBG Username Symbols All Here 2021

For those looking for PUBG Username Symbols , we have gathered all of them for 2021. How to make shapes like smiles or hearts that you can use? Find out. By using PUBG nick Name Symbols , you can create your own unique pseudonyms in the game. We tried to add all the symbols you can use for your name for your use in this article. PUBG Smile is one of… Read More »